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Warner Bros. Discovery Highlights Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman as Main DC Franchises

The trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman is the future of the DC brand at Warner Bros. During the merged company’s Q2 earnings call on Thursday, CEO David Zaslav said the DC Films universe is on a “list of broader strategic changes” to the DC brand and its superhero properties as part of a “focused 10-year plan.” at the top”. Just on DC.” After shelving direct-to-streaming DC Comics adaptations bat girl And wonder twinsWhich would have gone to HBO Max but won’t release at all now, with Zaslav saying that DC “is something we think we can make better, and now we’re focused on that.”

“When you look at Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, these are brands that are known everywhere in the world,” Zaslav said during the call. “And the ability to drive those around the world with great stories is a huge opportunity for us.”

The company released a graphic of its “global powerhouse” brands, specifically highlighting DC’s Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman franchises, alongside Warner. game of Thrones And The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the discovery shark Week And 90 day fiancé Franchisee,

Zaslav checks out the names of upcoming DC movies black adam, Shazam! fury of the godsAnd glow, telling investors, “We’re very excited about them.” Director James Wan’s 2018 sequel aquamanWhat remains the highest-grossing DC film, is set to open in theaters in March.

Referring to DC, Zaslav said, “We have done a reset. We have restructured the business.” With former Disney chief creative officer Alan Horn returning to Warner as an advisor, Zaslav compared the structure to that of Marvel Studios, which Horne and then-Disney CEO Bob Iger had used to work alongside Kevin Feige as Marvel’s chief content officer throughout. As in “put very effectively”. Umbrella.

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“We think we can build a more robust, sustainable growth business long-term out of DC. And as part of that, we’re going to focus on quality,” Zaslav said of the company’s near completion. Said days later. bat girl Movies. “We are not going to release any film before it is ready. We are not going to release a film to make a film [financial] quarter, we’re not going to release any movies [if it’s not working], The focus will be on how can we make each of these films as good as possible?”

The change in strategy is part of WBD’s ambition to “bring back Warner” and “produce great, high-quality movies”, mining the DC stable characters in particular “quality” films that include Batman, Superman, etc. and Wonder Woman are included. The big three get Zaslav’s attention as Henry Cavill’s Superman remains in limbo, leaving his DC future uncertain after starring in man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand both versions of Justice League,

While the former regime under AT&T-owned Warner Bros. wanted to install Michael Keaton’s Batman as the politician of the DC Extended Universe, that was partially reset after the events of time-travel. glowAquaman actor Jason Momoa just announced last week that Batfleck is back, replacing Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Affleck and Keaton will both appear opposite Ezra Miller flashWhich would have effectively merged the DCEU with the “Burtonverse” home for Keaton’s veteran Caped Crusader.

With filmmaker Matt Reeves batman 2which stars Robert Pattinson as a young Dark Knight and is set outside the DCEU, a third amazing lady The film’s team Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are in the works. Wonder Woman 3 Hasn’t been dated, but new leads are expected to lead the sequel.

Dated DC movies include Black Adam (21 October), Shazam! fury of the gods (21 December), Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (March 17, 2023), glow (June 23, 2023), and blue beetle (August 18, 2023), all sets within the DCEU; Director Todd Phillips Joker: Foley DexThe sequel to Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, set in a standalone continuation, will be released in theaters on October 4, 2024.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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