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Tom Hanks Looks Back on the Da Vinci Code Movies as “Huey”

Author Dan Brown released The Da Vinci Code took the world by storm, resulting in a huge box office success when Tom Hanks brought the code-breaking Robert Langdon to life, though Hanks himself sees those stories as “hooey”. While Hanks has become one of the most beloved and admired actors in history, he even admitted that the cinematic world of that character was driven more by business decisions than by fiction. Hanks followed The Da Vinci Code with movies angels and demons And hell, The character was recently revived for the Peacock series. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol,

“God, that was a business venture. Yes, there’s a sequel to Robert Langdon. The Da Vinci Code hooey tha,” shared Hanks The New York Times Magazine, “I mean, Dan Brown, God bless him, say, ‘Here’s a statue in a place in Paris! No, it’s over there. See how a cross is drawn on a map? Well, it’s a cross is like.’ They’re delightful scavenger hunts that are as accurate about history as the James Bond movies for espionage. But they’re whimsical like a crossword puzzle. We were only promising a diversion. Anything in good commerce Not wrong, provided it’s good trade. By the time we made the third, we proved it wasn’t such a good trade.”

Despite neither film being well received by critics, the initial installment was a huge financial hit, with subsequent films seeing declining numbers. The Da Vinci Code Sits at 24% positive reviews, although it earned $758.2 million worldwide. angels and demons Sits at 37% positive reviews and takes in $486 million worldwide hell Has 23% positive reviews and has taken in only $220 million.

lost symbol Peacock debuted last year and has been described as “based on Dan Brown’s international bestselling thriller”. lost symbolThe series follows the early adventures of young Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who must solve a series of deadly puzzles to rescue his kidnapped master and thwart a chilling global conspiracy.

peacock canceled lost symbol After only one season. There are currently no announced plans regarding the future of the Dan Brown series of stories.

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