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“Throwing Miracles Under the Bus Takes Hundreds of Talented Crew People Away”

"Throwing Miracles Under the Bus Takes Hundreds of Talented Crew People Away"

You can go ahead and remember Elizabeth Olsen with everyone who hated the Marvel movie. Olsen is out of press for his new film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and was asked the question of how some of cinema’s “greats” (Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola) have been criticizing Marvel Studios and their films in recent years. Well, Elizabeth Olsen didn’t dodge the issue—in fact she did point out that this kind of dismissal of Marvel movies is actually an insult to a much larger group of hard-working and talented people who make them possible:

“I’m not saying we’re making indie art films, but I think it takes away from our crew, which bothers me,” Olsson said in response. Independent, “These are some of the most amazing set designers, costume designers, camera operators – I think to downplay them with this kind of criticism takes away from everyone who does award-winning movies, who also worked on these projects. Huh.

From an actor’s point of view, what I get is; I completely understand that a different kind of performance is taking place. But I think throwing Marvel under the bus takes away from hundreds of talented crew people. That’s where I get a little excited about it.”

There has been a low-key sense of derision in the film industry when it comes to comic book films – in fact, it is this very stigma that has long prevented actors of “prestige” or “A-list status” from jumping into the genre. stopped. , Even as the late 2000s transitioned into the 2010s, and films like Iron Man and The Dark Knight brought acting and directing talent to the forefront, the stigma remained. It’s not just on Oscar-bait directors of the past: it’s within the acting community, and even within certain areas of these franchise universes.

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Few actors can barely hide their fun of green screen acting with the harness work, flamboyant costumes, formulaic story structure and superhero movies. Meanwhile, there are others who have embraced the superficialities of the genre and helped to imbue it with serious performance and dramatic weight. Elizabeth Olsen is certainly one of the later examples. Olsen’s latest work in the WandaVision TV series — and now Doctor Strange 2 — has reset the bar for fans’ expectation of what Marvel can do with dramatic depth. There’s only one question left: What is Wanda’s future in the MCU after Doctor Strange 2?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Now in cinemas.

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