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Monday, August 8, 2022

They/their cast choose their favorite slasher mask

Releasing today on Peacock, the new film They/Them (pronounced with punctuation, hence, they-slash-them) blends some fun with modern traditions, plus it’s sure to check a few boxes that will appeal to horror and slasher fans. expect. Based on an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp, the film follows several queer and trans campers for a week of programming aimed at “helping them find a new sense of freedom.” Naturally, as the camp-themed slasher movies go, a masked killer begins picking people up one by one. With that in mind, we wondered what the cast of the film thinks is the best scary mask in slasher film history. Here’s what he told us:

Writer/director John Logan also had a great answer, detailing how the film designed its facade, but also how they landed on it by considering the whole genre around them.

Logan revealed, “First you look at every mask that’s been designed for every slasher movie since the beginning of slasher movies and think about finding the things you don’t like, the ones you don’t like. You don’t respond.” “You know, I’m very fond of Jason Voorhees hockey masks for all the obvious reasons because that’s the basic text of slasher movies for me. But for our slasher we wanted to do something else because we’re in the woods. We want to feel so wild. Were and our killer actually has two sides to his personality. So the mask shows a side that’s cool and a side that’s very angry and aggressive and I’ve actually teamed up with Tony, Tony Gardner. Fantastic Mask The designers and Tony just came up with some great studies for it.”

they them Now streaming on Peacock.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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