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Friday, July 1, 2022

The Suicide Squad star shares new king shark and polka-dot man behind the scene photo

suicide squad Last summer was one of the biggest movies and was a huge hit with DC Comics fans. Now he suicide squad Having been out for almost a year, you’d think we’d be done with seeing the new images from the film. Turns out you’d be wrong. Steve Edge, who plays John Economos and King Shark’s body stand-in dual role, has a new look at King Shark and the Polka-Dot Man on Twitter.

The image shows David Dustmalchian in full costume as the polka-dot man and Edge as a stand-in to the King Shark’s body. The actor shared the picture with the caption, “Family vacation in Corto Maltese two years ago #TheSuicideSquad #TaskForceX #Jotunheim #KingShark #PolkaDotMan.” You can see the behind the scenes image below!

James Gunn followed suicide squad With a spin-off series based on the film’s Peacemaker character, played by John Cena. After the successful first season of the series on HBO Max, the director began filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and they recently wrapped. Gunn previously revealed that he will more than likely be focused peace messenger The second season as well as other DC Comics projects. Gunn said just that in a recent interview with Variety. Therefore, you can expect Gunn’s tenure with Warner Bros. and the DCEU to continue in the near future.

“I think I’ve pretty much decided that after working with The Guardian, I’m going to do television for at least a year. My mind is made up on that,” Gunn told Variety. to be confirmed. “Not all of the shows we’re working with are things that I’m going to write and direct, so some of them may take up different amounts of my time. peacemaker I’m going to write, I’m directing, and I’m going to spend all my time on set. But other shows that aren’t writing and directing or directing all the episodes.”

peacemaker Season One is now streaming on HBO Max!

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Reference from comicbook.com

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