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Monday, August 15, 2022

The Russo Brothers reveal how Gray Man connects to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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gray man is making its way to Netflix later this month. Releasing in July of 2022 was not how it would have been if Anthony Russo and Joe Russo had more free time on their hands over the past decade. The directing duo began adapting Mark Grainy’s novel, working in 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier. From there, Marvel Studios asked him to come back for not one, not two, but three big ensemble films that consumed his schedule throughout 2019. avengers: endgame, Now, the directorial duo has their Netflix title ready for release and they spoke to ComicBook.com about the project that will reunite them. American captain Star Chris Evans.

“We read this years ago when we were making Winter SoldierAnd we actually did the first adaptation in-between, when we were working on directing Winter Soldier as a potential film,” Joe Russo explained. “But then we got to do that. was asked to do. civil war and then avengersSo we have put it on the shelf for a few years.”

Work in progress as the story progresses gray man while directing winter soldier iHow Joe and Anthony Russo came up with the idea to cast him as a villainous character, in stark contrast to the Marvel hero Evans is known for. “It was such a thrill to work with Chris for so many years through those four films on that specific character from Captain America,” said Anthony Russo. “But of course, you know, we’ve started to develop a sense of Chris that, as you know, his potential as an actor clearly goes far beyond all the wonderful things that he’s brought into that character. And we wanted to do something with him that, like, brought him as far away from that character as possible. gray man,

Evans “adopted the role” perfectly for The Gray Man, which Rousseau proudly explained. He embraced it. “He understood the assignment and was working really hard on the notion that he was an agent of chaos,” Joe Rousseau said.

“Also, you know, Chris is a very sophisticated filmmaker, not just a sophisticated actor,” Anthony Russo said. “He understands storytelling on every level. And he knew that the whole movie is built around a conceit, where Ryan Gosling’s character and the characters he plays are polar opposites. And the more we The further we can get those two characters in terms of their qualities and their energy, the more interesting the film will be.”

properly, gray man Brings back the directors with not only Evans, who starred in the beloved Winter Soldier film, but also its writers, Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely. “It’s easier for the four of us to get together and work together,” Joe Russo said. “We’ve codified a process that we built our company AGBO around and it’s a process that we employ with everyone who works here. It’s a very disciplined, you know, story script centric approach to say. It’s something we’ve used with Danielle everywhere together Where they worked on the script and then used to sit in a room with us and we would all read it aloud together and talk about the story. ‘Hey, what if this happened here? What if there was more emotion?’ This is our process of story development. So we found it could be applied to commercial or arthouse or, you know, drama, comedy, whatever you want to do.”

those subjects were applied gray man, a film that pits Ryan Gosling against Evans as some international assassins who prey on each other. When Gosling’s court gentry stopped listening and began instructing officers, Evans’ Lloyd Hansen was brought in to clean up the mess. It’s a story drawn directly from Granny’s novel in which Marcus, McFly, and the Russo Brothers take some creative liberties to make the best film on Netflix. “We like to be inspired by content because we want to bring our own taste, our own idea, our own theme to it,” said Joe Russo. “We loved this book. When we first read it it was incredibly inspiring.”

Are you excited for this? gray man, Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them like me Twitter, gray man Hits select theaters on July 15 before releasing on Netflix on July 22.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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