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The Pokémon Film Festival will arrive this year

Pokémon is currently telling the story of Ash Ketchum as he joins Masters 8 and comes closer than ever to achieving his dream of becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world. Pokemon continues to release a steady stream of movies that explore the world of Pocket Monsters, with a Pokemon Film Festival set to hit Japan later this year, allowing fans to vote for which Which films do they want to see on the big screen once again?

Voting begins today, June 17, and ends on July 1, with fans selecting three films from the following list:

Dramatic Edition Pocket Monsters Mewtwo Counterattack (1998)
Dramatic Edition Pocket Monsters Phantom Pokemon Lugia Bomb (1999)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Crystal Tower Emperor Entei (2000)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Celebi Encounter Timeless (2001)
Pokemon the Movie: The Goddess of the City of Water, Latias and Latios (2002)
Pokemon the Movie: Advance Generation: The Wishing Star of the Seven Knights Jirach (2003)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Miu and the Hero of Waves Lucario (2005)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Pokemon Ranger and Prince Manaphy of Aomi (2006)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Diamond Pearl Dialga VS Parkia VS Darkrai (2007)
Theatrical Edition Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl Giratina and Bouquet of Ice Sky (Sora) Shamy (2008)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl Arceus to the Time and Space of Chokoku (2009)
Pokemon Theatrical Edition Diamond Pearl Phantom Champion Zorork (2010)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Best Wish Victorini and the Black Hero Zekrom (2011)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Best Wish Victorini and the White Hero Reshiram (2011)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Best Wish Qurem VS Holy Swordsman Keldeo (2012)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Best Wish Shinsoku’s Geno Sect Miu to Awakening (2013)
Pokemon the Movie XY Destruction of the Cocoon and Dancy (2014)
Pokemon the Movie XY Halo (Ring) Super Genie Hoopa (2015)
Pokemon the Movie XY & Z Volcanion and Karakuri no Magiana (2016)
Theatrical Edition Pocket Monsters Kimi ni Kimi! (2017)
Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Everyone Story (2018)
Counterattack Evolution of Mewtwo (2019)
Dramatic Edition Pocket Monster Coco (2020)

The winners will be announced on July 15 and will be displayed in Japan from August 11 to September 8.

Do you want to see this Pokémon Film Festival hit in North America as well? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to chat with the world of comics, anime and Pokémon.

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