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The Lion King Prequel Adds Succession, Star Wars: Endor Musicians

After grossing over a billion dollars with the “live-action” remake of The Lion King In 2019, Disney is surprisingly returning to Pride Rock for another movie. instead of simply optimizing The Lion King 2However, Disney is turning back the clock and working on a prequel centered around the stories of Mufasa and Scar, with Oscar-winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins set to direct. To make things even more interesting, Jenkins is enlisting his trusted colleague, Nicolas Brittel, to compose the score for the film.

Brittel and Jenkins have worked together on a number of projects, including Moonlight, If Beale Street Could TalkAnd underground RailroadAlthough you probably know Britelle best by her scoring of the work succession for HBO. while talking with playlistBrittel confirms it is working with Jenkins on the new The Lion King Movies.

“Barry and I are working on that together,” he said. “And actually, we’ve been working on that together for a while already. I don’t even really know the official, I really don’t even know what they have on the calendar for the official release. But you know, it’s a massive project and it’s a long period of work that we’re putting into it, for sure. You know, we meet, I’m in LA when I’m in L.A. with him on this But when he’s in New York, we work on that together.”

Britain currently has a busy schedule, with several Disney projects currently in the works. in addition to the following The Lion Kinghe will be scoring internal management andNew Star Wars series coming to Disney+ later this summer.

Earlier this year, Barry Jenkins opened up about his enthusiasm for taking on this new The Lion King project, sitting his longtime love for the original animated film.

“I grew up with these characters, they mean a lot to me,” Jenkins said. Diversity, “I think going back to the work that writer Jeff Nathanson has done and really helping kids and anyone who loves this property understand what it goes for. Kings aren’t just born They are, they are not just made. They have to be made. They are through a series of events that many people can relate to. So, from that point of view, it accompanies pretty much everything I’ve done. Fits. So I don’t feel any pressure, I just want to do a good job.”

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Reference from comicbook.com

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