The Internet Can’t Believe Winnie The Pooh Is Getting A Horror Movie

The Internet Can't Believe Winnie The Pooh Is Getting A Horror Movie

Now that Winnie the Pooh is officially in the public domain, a slasher featuring a resemblance to the classic anthropomorphic teddy bear is in the works. Wednesday, word began to spread that Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey The film has entered post-production, with a series of films going viral online. As you might expect from the news, the Internet is largely divided on the development, with some applauding the film’s filmmakers for taking the characters in an entirely new direction, while others largely hailing the move. Unnecessarily criticize.

While Disney still owns the rights and likeness to its version of the characters, the original illustrations and stories entered the public domain earlier this year.

“Due to varying copyright laws around the world, there isn’t a single public domain one – and here we focus on the three most prominent ones,” public domain review, “New entry into the public domain in 2022 will be: works by people who died in 1951, for countries with copyright periods of “life plus 70 years” (for example the UK, Russia, the European Union and most of South America); those Works by Who died in 1971, for countries with a duration of “life plus 50 years” (such as Canada, New Zealand and most of Africa and Asia); and 1926 for the United States (and all pre-1923 sound recordings) ) in published works.

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Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey A release date has not yet been determined.


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