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The Hunt Director Admits There Aren’t Too Many Predator Easter Eggs in the Movie

to hunt ready to go to a place in history Cruel The franchise tour is yet to come. Despite the film featuring the iconic sci-fi horror villain as its antagonist, director Dan Trachtenberg says longtime fans Cruel The property shouldn’t expect a movie loaded with easter eggs or be approved for other films in the franchise.

“There were moments where putting more and more Easter eggs was almost seduced,” the filmmaker said recently in Spotlight. Empire Magazine, “‘Reach up to the helicopter!’ Despite the surprise of so many people, the film doesn’t have, ‘What if there was a horse named Chopper?’ We didn’t go there completely, although there has been a lot of intentional and unintentional clearance for the first film.”

While it’s not full of Easter eggs, there are nods here and there that fans will be able to take. That is, if they are paying enough attention.

“What’s funny in the trailer is a sequence in the tall grass. And I remember going to one of our actors, Harlan [Blayne Kytwayhat], who plays the role of Itsi in the film. He is the one who drags Amber down into the grass. And he has to tell her to shut up,” Trachtenberg said. “And I said, ‘I guess it wants to feel like you’re not out. There was a line or something, but I said, just go, “Ssh.” Just hold your finger. I looked at the take back, turned to the cinematographer, and said, ‘It sounds familiar, I guess.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, Cruel, And I was like, oh yeah… ‘Obviously that movie got stuck in my mind.

At one point, Trachtenberg teased to ComicBook.com that some of the Easter eggs would remain in Predator’s extensive sci-fi arsenal.

“I teased a while back that I took inspiration from the latest God of war video game, and those two things are in the trailer,” Trachtenberg told ComicBook.com. “One is his shield, which you briefly see. And the other Predator isn’t a gadget, but the way Nadu wields his axe, she invents something really cool for that tomahawk. And that comes from a mechanic in that video game. I think the shield is something super cool. There are some things that are similar, but even those things work a little differently.”

to hunt Set about 300 years ago in the nation of Comanche and it consists of Ember Midthunder (the ice road, Roswell, New Mexico) as Naru she tries to save her people from hunters.

Joining in midthunder is Dakota Beaver, Stormi Kip (Sui), Michelle Thrush (the journey home), and Julian Black Antelope (tribal,

to hunt Lands on Hulu on August 5.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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