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The Hangover star weighs in on his character getting a spinoff

The Hangover star weighs in on his character getting a spinoff

The nature of successful franchises means that studios often try to find ways to continue those successes with the expansion of the brand, but when it comes to hangover A trilogy of films, supporting star Ken Jeong has no interest in becoming the star of any spinoffs or sequels to that series. In the years since the first installment, most of the cast has become overly busy and scheduling a reunion can be difficult, but even though Jeong’s Leslie Chow has found adventures of her own, the actors never return to that world. Would like what they thought wrapped up so well. Jeong can currently be seen on Netflix pentavariate,

“I like what I hangover The trilogy is that the only thing I’ve done is that we knew the third would be the last forever,” Jeong shared with ComicBook.com about returning to that franchise. “And we knew that — I remember the last day. In filming, we’re all in a group, we’re not a highly passionate group, but Todd Phillips, the director, was taking pictures and putting them up on Instagram, just in the past, out on our own terms in anything Life is a rarity to let go and I love the fact that was the last moment.”

He continued, “I don’t see any spinoffs. I really like how everything is wrapped up in a beautiful bow. If it didn’t hangover, I wouldn’t be here talking to you. if i wasn’t in hangover, I would not have been in the Mike Myers project. I wouldn’t have been working with [The Pentaverate] debi [Mazar]That’s why I’m indebted to my career hangover,

While the series saw a sharp drop in critical reactions after the first film, the second and third entries proved to be huge box office hits, with the trilogy grossing $1.4 billion worldwide in total.

Jeong’s new series describes, “What if a secret society of five men has been working since the Black Plague of 1347 to influence world events for the greater good? As this new series As it begins, an unlikely Canadian journalist finds herself embroiled in a mission. Uncover the truth and possibly save the world herself. Remember, the Pentavert should never be exposed!”

pentavariate Currently streaming on Netflix. There is currently no announced plan for follow-up hangover,

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Reference from comicbook.com

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