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The Flash fan art imagines Dylan O’Brien replaces Ezra Miller

flamboyant Slated to hit the theaters on June 23, 2023, and the film is in some pickle due to the recent legal troubles of its lead actor. Ezra Miller has been arrested several times in Hawaii for alleged harassment and disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar, as well as for alleged assault at a private event. Miller is also being accused of grooming and threatening violence to a young woman, now 18, since she was 12. Fans were wondering what Warner Bros. and DC Comics would do about the situation, and even the studio has suggested recreating the role with a few offerings. maze Runner Star Dylan O’Brien as a replacement. Now, a digital artist has created a cool concept for O’Brien to replace Miller as the Scarlett Speedster.

An Instagram artist who goes by the handle @Clements.Ink has revealed an awesome new design that envisions Miller repurposing and donning the suit to O’Brien. The costume is a little different from what we’ve seen in some of the first looks from the film, but it certainly holds true to the comics. Clements. Ink gives O’Brien traditional blonde hair and it looks fabulous. you can check out flamboyant Fan art below!

However, it’s not clear whether the studio can redeploy Miller so late in the game. flamboyant Michael Keaton is expected to return as Batman. Keaton has not played the role since 1992. Batman Returns And has since moved on to the Marvel universe with his latest appearance in Morbius as Adrian Tomes/Vulture. The actor previously revealed why he came to Warner Bros. and DC Comics to return as Batman. Speaking with The Jess Cagle Show, Keaton opened up on what it took to get him back in the role.

“When it came up again, I was getting curious about it. I thought, ‘Boy, how’s that going?’ And then, incidentally, the grumble happened, I got a call from Warner Bros. They wanted to talk to me about something, and there were signs of Batman,” Keaton recently revealed while appearing on the show. “I think it was about something else in relation to Batman … I later got a call saying, ‘We want you to read something.’ I just thought, ‘Of course you have to do this.'”

for your batman return flamboyantKeaton said, “It has to be good. If it’s not good there’s no reason to do it. It’s not really going to change anything. And I just jumped in and had fun. And why wouldn’t you? You know, I mean, director Andy Muschietti is brilliant, and it’s really creative. I don’t know. It’s fun.”

Do you think Ezra Miller should be redone? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below or via Our writers on Twitter are killing @NateBrail,

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Reference from comicbook.com

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