The first Bollywood film will be shoot in VR

Choreographer Bosco from ‘Rocket Gang’ will make an entry as a director

Recently, two casting directors Mukesh Chhabra and Honey Treha have entered the film direction. Now famous choreographer duo Bosco-Caesar’s Bosco Leslie Martis is also set to make his directorial debut. His film will be called Rocket Gang. He had a special conversation with Divya Bhaskar at the time of the film announcement.

Bosco said that his film will be a dance-horror-comedy genre film. According to him, this will be the first film in India to be shot in real time virtual reality format. The technique was used to shoot live remakes of The Jungle Book, The Mandelorian and The Lion King in Hollywood.

Q. Are choreographers and casting directors also entering the direction? What’s the matter

Bosco: This has been a natural step by step progress. We are all creative people too. Earlier the song was five to six minutes but now it is only three and a half to four minutes. In this our desire to show creativity remains unfulfilled. So it is completed by coming in the direction. Here you will find two and a half hours to show us creativity.

Q. What is this real time virtual reality technique?

Bosco: In this technique, you can generate special effects in the scene during the shoot. The rest so far is that you finish shooting the whole film first, then go to the studio in the post-production stage, where special effects are added to the scene using VFX. He further said that with the help of this technique, in real-time i.e. at the same time during the shoot, a director can create a world of his imagination around the character in his monitor.

Q. Who developed this technique?

Bosco: This has been custom developed in collaboration with Zee Studios. The idea was of Sharik Patel. This will reduce the post-production work of the film as well as work on the set with less manpower. There was a lot of discussion about this in the lockdown.

Q. The film stars Aditya Seal in the lead role and Nikita Dutta in the Kabir Singh fame. There are also five children. Choreographers like Remo and Farah cast big stars?

Bosco: I wanted actors who are also good dancers. This is a film with a technological high-end concept. Such a film has a new face in the star cast. The story here is big and at the same time, the baggage of the film also increases with the arrival of big stars. I didn’t want to come under pressure. I can take full responsibility if anything happens to the film whether it is a hit or a flop.

Q. You have also added an element of horror. There is only dance. How did this idea come about?

Bosco: This story is about people whose dreams do not come true, their desires remain unfulfilled. Whether it can be completed after death is a film on this. Also, this is not a typical horror story. This is a somewhat Bhootnath genre film so that even children can enjoy horror. We will know the name of this rocket gang only after watching the movie. We will start shooting after the lockdown is complete.

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