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The bovine life cycle makes for high drama in the first Cow trailer

The bovine life cycle makes for high drama in the first Cow trailer

Andrea Arnold has previously released short films titled Dog and Wasp, both of which have focused on the hardships faced by ordinary humans, with their animal namesakes little more than a metaphor. That’s not the case with his latest project and first documentary, The Upcoming Cow, the all-new trailer that we’re excited to share exclusively with you below.

Viewers of Arnold’s film will be delighted to see that it amply fulfills the promise of its title, which consists only of images of cows doing cow activities: grazing, calves giving birth, dying. The director used a light camera to get up close to her bovine stars, following them around their pens for moving close-ups that almost make these beautiful creatures appear human.

The trailer, set on the haunting strains but about “Milk” from American alternative rock institution Garbage, shows us the vital wonder of a lactating heifer. In her milk, she not only provides the human race with a refreshing way to maintain our calcium levels, but supports her offspring with nourishment from her body, a deep bond captured here with intense intimacy.

Like this year’s Gunda, another documentary eschewing voiceover storytelling in its stark portrayal of the barnyard and its people, texture is a crucial part of the text. The peculiarities of its surroundings are as vital as the cow itself: the sound of hay creaking under the hoof, the murky ambient light of an overcast English sky, the almost perceptible smell of fresh manure.

In her preview review of Cow from its Cannes Film Festival premiere, our reviewer Sophie Monks Kaufman praised Arnold’s empathy for subjects most passers-by wouldn’t give a second look: “Weirdly, for a film with a line of conduct that for being low on dramatic stakes, Cow resembles an image of Andrea Arnold. There is a visceral appreciation for his helpless subjects that comes out of the film like spilled milk. “

Cow hits theaters in the UK on January 14, and then goes live through MUBI on February 11. A date for the United States has not yet been set.

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