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Superhero shows Piccolo’s house

Superhero shows Piccolo's house

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero The Red Ribbon is set to take center stage through the return of the Army, with Son Gohan also set to play a pivotal role in the next film in the Shnen franchise. This time with Piccolo being given a new transformation, so viewers will get a look at the former Demon King’s current domicile, the story gives fans an idea of ​​how the green-skinned Z-Fighter is currently living.

Piccolo has been a character within Dragon Ball The franchise that has probably changed the most compared to the many other heroes and villains that have appeared over the decades. Appearing at first as an old Demon King who was seeking to take control of the world and had no problem eliminating anyone in his path, Nemekian has since reunited with his old self, Kami. Merged and worked towards protecting the earth due to positive influence. Son Gohan. With marketing material for the superhero showing that Piccolo is ready to receive a new transformation, the next film in the series is sure to have a major impact on the future. Dragon Ball across the board.

Twitter outlet DBS Chronicles shared this new inside look at Piccolo’s home, with Namekian reportedly set to receive the lion’s share of screen time as the Red Ribbon Army eliminates the Z-Fighters with the help of its latest android which is known as Gamma. 1 and Gamma 2:

Currently, in the pages of dragon ball super In the manga, Goku and Vegeta Granola are fighting against Heater as a part of The Survivor arc, with the Z-Fighters seeing some major changes when it comes to changes like Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, respectively. While the Shnen franchise has confirmed that a new anime project is underway, details regarding the story of this new project are still up in the air whether it will be a new film or if the television series is planning a return.

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