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Superhero beats ‘Brolly’ at the box office

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Here it is, and it’s already a huge hit. While fans abroad wait for their chance to see the film, Japanese audiences are watching the return of anime as often as possible. Dragon Ball Fans are determined to show Gohan some love with their support, and he’s helped the anime’s new movie break the record Broly set a few years ago.

Update after box office total The calculations were done in Japan for the last weekend. The film not only came first at the domestic box office there, but Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero The anime sold more tickets on its opening day than the previous film.

According to the reports, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It sold 210,000 tickets in its debut on Saturday. When the anime kicked off with its debut in 2018, 111,000 tickets were sold that Friday. So as you can see, the demand for this latest movie is as high as ever.

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As far as overall box office is concerned, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero After its Saturday release it peaked at the top spot in Japan with $4.98 million USD. 500,000 tickets sold across 407 screens over the weekend Top Gun Maverick. However, the latest anime movie didn’t grab BrolyOpening at $7+ million. The 2018 film opened for more money, but had more screens and an extra day to fill its opening numbers.

Now there won’t be many days when fans will be able to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero For myself outside Japan. Crunchyroll will be screening the film for its August premiere with fans in-state around the world later this summer.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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