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Suicide Squad’s David Ayer to direct Jason Statham action film The Beekeeper

Suicide Squad's David Ayer to direct Jason Statham action film The Beekeeper

David Ayer, who directed suicide squadsigned directly Bee keeping, starring Jason Statham and a new action movie from Miramax. According to Deadline, the film will be shopped at the upcoming Cannes Film Bazaar, which broke the news. The script was written by Kurt Wimmer (Salt), and was sold to Miramax last year, with an eye toward turning beekeeper In a film franchise. in the vein of kingsmanIt looks like the film will be a kinetic action film that focuses on a secret organization with secret connections to a global power.

Statham and Wimmer are set to produce with Bill Block for Miramax and Chris Long for Cedar Park Studios. This reunites Statham with Miramax, which produced Guy Ritchie. Manu’s anger And Operation Fortune: Russ de Guerre,

After collaborating with Jason Manu’s anger And Operation Fortuneand with david Fury“We are fortunate to partner with these masters of the new action genre to bring Kurt’s brilliant script to the first installment of this franchise,” Block said in a statement.

This way deadline describes the film: “The fast-paced action-thriller, steeped in beekeeping mythology, follows a man’s personal journey of vengeance, as the former operative of a powerful and secretive organization Once exposed, the national stake is at stake. As ‘beekeepers’.”

The name “The Beekeepers” appears to be a reference to Sherlock Holmes, who raised bees after his retirement from the law enforcement racket. Many later works trace Holmes’ days as a beekeeper, meaning he still hadn’t really retired, even at that point in his life.

Iyer, who wrote training Daywent on to direct films like end of Watch, FuryAnd shiny, There are constant calls from fans to release their director’s cut off suicide squad, given how different it appears to be from the final product, and Iyer has expressed a degree of dissatisfaction with Warner Bros.’ Dramatic editing. Warner has stated that there are no current plans to release the director’s cut.

Statham has both Meg 2: Ditch And The Expendables 4 is coming. It is expected that if Expendables As the franchise goes on, that he will step down as the face of the series, as producer and star Sylvester Stallone has said he is moving on.

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