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Studio 666 Writers on How the Foo Fighters Became a Horror Movie

Studio 666 Writers on How the Foo Fighters Became a Horror Movie

Foo Fighters dropped a surprise horror movie earlier this year, and while it did spend a bit of time in theaters, and was available to watch digitally as a premium home rental (read: $20 or so for 48-hour rentals) For the Window of the Year), the film officially came out as a digital sale and standard rental, allowing more fans to see how Dave Grohl and company would go about making their own slasher film. The idea of ​​the film, that the Foo Fighters were recording an album in an old mansion, only to find out that it was haunted, seems like the kind of wild idea that would be, and itself the kind of fun, campy movie. Lends to you would expect…but the scares, and the kills in particular, are classic slashers in all respects.

Written by Jeff Buehler (night fliers, prodigy) and Rebecca Hughes (der vulcanoof tv Health deteriorate), the film explores a question no one knew they wanted answered: what would grunge legend Dave Grohl be like if he were possessed by a demon? But while it sounds (especially given the KISS comparisons) like a very corporate, very calculated project, it actually came together exactly as you’d expect: The band had the space, the feeling. Turns out it was scary, and Grohl thought a horror movie might be funny.

“The band was recording their tenth album at Home, which is Home in the Movie,” Bühler explained. “So the whole idea that they’re going to a house to try to make an album with a different sound was already real life. When they were there, they saw that this weird old mansion was really scary, and Dave He started getting this thought in his head, ‘Wow, we can do a horror movie here.’ He leased it for a year, and they were nearing the end of the recording process, and he was really warming up to the idea of ​​doing an actual film. He wasn’t sure if it would be a video, or One long video, or what? And then he’s like, ‘I want to do an actual horror movie.'”

“He has a lot of friends in the business; obviously he has a lot of friends everywhere, and he has come up with the bare bones of an idea,” Bühler continued. “And some of the kills that are in the movie were already thought of. He has a very good friend, Tony Gardner, who worked on the music videos, who came up with some of the kills. So, they are already He was just batting ideas around. And then he needed a writer. So I got that call, and immediately thought of Rebecca. Rebecca and I have worked together and separately over the years. Got a great humour, super-sharp wit. .and, so it seemed like a great combination.”

It didn’t hurt that, once Bühler reached out to him, it turned out that Hughes was a little too familiar with the band’s work; She had actually met him personally on several occasions.

“It was a big coincidence for me,” Hughes explained, as I toured with the band as the guest of drummer for Eagles of Death Metal, a band that was opening to them. “My very good friend, Samantha Maloney, is a rock drummer, and she was drumming for Eagles of Death Metal at the time, and the Eagles were invited to open for Foo Fighters back in mid-August and she told me about their guest. So I actually met the band, because I toured with them in the UK for two weeks, just as a guest on the opening band, doing nothing but taking some videos, Was just walking around. So I got to know him. And so, it was a great coincidence, and I already knew a little bit of him, and knew a little bit of his personality.”

studio 666 Now available to buy and rent on the digital platform. The film is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on May 24.

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