Sashi Movie Review : A dull love story that lacks in originality

Sashi Movie Review: A Boring Love Story Lacking Originality

History: A singer in a local band has problems with anger management and alcohol. A tragedy that occurred in his past pushed him to the limit and turned him into an alcoholic. He then begins to harass a girl whose mental health was affected due to a similar tragedy that occurred in her life. Will the two of them help each other overcome their past, or will their union unleash the trauma that is buried within them?

Review: Picture this, a heartbroken young hero with an unkempt beard who swallows bottles of alcohol, smokes packets of cigarettes, and needlessly fights with strangers. It is an indication that you are dealing with a tragedy in your life and this is your way of dealing with it. Have you seen it somewhere? We also. By Srinivas Naidu Sashi he follows the proven route of the heartbroken but combative hero and makes little impact.
What Sashi Opens up, we are introduced to Ram Kumar (Aadi Saikumar), a talented singer who has the talent and ability to go places, but is being held back due to his past. His reckless behavior affects his family, especially his older brother (Ajay), who tries to get him to settle down and leave his past behind. To clarify that Raj Kumar is heartbroken, the filmmaker shows him getting involved in numerous fights, which are shown as a way out to relieve him of his pain. And then Raj Kumar meets Sashi (Surabhi) and is intrigued by her. He begins to stalk her but never speaks to her. He soon learns that she had suffered a trauma in the past that has affected her mental health. Raj Kumar wants to help her, but her presence also triggers an incident in her own past.
The filmmaker tires you with portraying the protagonist as a sullen and bitter hero, and after a moment, you stop feeling sorry for him. In fact, by the time the protagonist begins to reveal the reason behind his heartbreak, you’ve already lost interest. They introduce us to a new character halfway through a supposed twist, but it hardly resonates with you. However, the biggest problem with Sashi is the complete lack of sensitivity in dealing with the mental health problem. Show this, a lady suffering from a mental health condition is miraculously cured as soon as she is hit on the head with an iron bar. I wonder what professional psychiatrists will do with this, considering that an iron rod seems to solve a problem that doctors could not solve for years.

The only refreshing thing about the movie is the song. Oka Oka Lokam, which is well filmed and composed. But a weak script doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. Aadi is impressive in parts, but is disappointed by a stereotypical characterization. Surabhi looked good on screen, but could have been more expressive.

Sashi You can’t get past a proven formula of heartbreak, friendship, and love, and the formula doesn’t quite work. The characterization of the main character, as an irresponsible and spoiled brat with anger management problems, brings a deja vu to a certain hit film that caused a sensation in Telugu cinema. Four years later, however, he hardly feels fresh anymore. With Sashi, you just have the feeling of ‘I’ve been there, I’ve seen that’.

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