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Samuel L. Jackson reveals filming updates on Secret Invasion, The Marvels

Nick Fury has not appeared on-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019. That’s about to change in a big way next year, as the beloved character of Samuel L. Jackson is set to play a pivotal role in two separate projects. he will appear in miraclesequel captain marveland will be led by the cast of covert attack TV Series on Disney+. There will be a lot more Nick Fury in 2023, but Jackson still has a little more work to do to complete both projects.

during a recent appearance Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jackson was asked about his upcoming Marvel work. He revealed that he will soon be going back to London to shoot a film on the two miracle And covert attack,

“No. I’m not done. I’m going back to London sometime in August,” Jackson said. “But I have to go back and do stuff miracle and then i had to do stuff covert attack,

covert attack Will focus on a battle involving the Skrulls, although it is not yet revealed how closely the story will be tied to the comic event. Given his relationship with the Skrulls, it makes sense that Fury would serve as the main character for that series. during an actor’s roundtable Hollywood ReporterJackson revealed that Secret Invasion would give Marvel an opportunity to dig deeper into Fury’s life.

“Well, I can live as Nick Fury to the fullest life that’s not Nick Fury at work,” Jackson said. “You go home with me and see what happens to me at home or when I’m alone or when I’m not strong enough or when I take off the back brace because of Nick Fury getting older. Things that you Can’t usually happen because the character has to put up a front like that when that’s happening and that’s what movies are about and when you do it in the longer form you get to show that Superheroes also have their down moments.”

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Reference from comicbook.com

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