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Ryan Gosling casts Chris Evans in Netflix action film

gray man Coming to Netflix next month, and the film will see Ryan Gosling going up against Chris Evans. film directed by avengers: endgame Director Joe Anthony Russo also stars Ana de Armas, reggae-Jean Page, Billy Bob Thornton and Alfre Woodard. Last month, Netflix released the first trailer for the film and now a new clip has been released in honor of Netflix Geeked Week, a virtual five-day event spotlighting its geek content. strange things To Umbrella Academy even more.

Watch Talking About the Russo Brothers gray man And debut an exclusive clip from the film featuring Gosling, Evans and de Armas. You can watch it below:

gray man Being adapted from Mark Graney’s book of the same name, and Joe Russo’s script was reportedly “polished” avengers: endgame Writers Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely. Recently, Joe Russo opened up about casting Evans as the villain.

“We didn’t have to sell Chris on the role; Chris kind of sold us,” Russo recounted. gecko’s den, “We were talking to him as we were wrapping up infinity war and then avengers: endgame What’s next for him or where does he want to go in his career, and he said, ‘You know what? I am quite comfortable in my life and in the work I have done, I am only interested in taking risks to move forward, and I just want to play challenging characters. So it seemed clear to us that the right move here would be to offer Chris the sociopath and not the protagonist.”

,gray man Detective film. for fans of the winter Soldier, gray man similar in the sense that we’re trying to embed it in a very modern, current environment that we’re facing in terms of espionage networks on a global scale and [the] CIA,” Anthony Russo said during a CCXP panel (via) collider) “It will be fun to see Chris in the opposite role of Captain America.”

,gray man Is an incredibly mysterious character with an extremely secret past. In short, he’s a ghost,” Ross told Netflix’s official blog tudum That’s when it revealed the first images from the film. “A minimalist, [whose] The job is to hide in plain sight. Kill when he needs to kill, and disappear.”

“Ryan is exceptional at communicating volume through a look or gesture,” he said. “Creating an inner life that translates in the most subtle and sublime ways. He also has superb control over his physicality. In short, he is The Gray Man (minus the Kill Order).”

gray man Debuts in select theaters July 15. It arrives on Netflix on July 22.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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