PUBG Mobile New Era Erangel 2.0 Update, New Features and Trailer Released

• PUBG Mobile has pushed the limits of Mobile Battle Royal by releasing regular updates to the game, but this time it is a bit more.

This shooter is undergoing a significant improvement, and will emerge with massive changes, and a new experience for players.

Recently, Apple’s App Store shared the release date and related information for upcoming major updates.

• Pubg Mobile 1.0 New Era Update Teaser

The upcoming 1.0 update of PUBG Mobile, called New Era, will be released on 8 September 2020. It will get the best and best graphics, cleaner design, smoother gameplay, major changes to selected locations and flashier effects.

Realistic graphics will show attractive smoke, explosions and realtime particle effects. The new lighting will increase the brightness of the water, and make the grass feel more real, giving great ambush / camouflage options.

Gun animations will also be different, adding new muzzle flashes and scope interaction animations.

From Sosnovka Military Base to Georgeopol, all Hot Drop and inactive areas will get a facelift. The power plant in Mylta, and seven new warehouses in Georgetor containers, will bring a new meta to the drop strategy.

Many buildings will have hidden cellars, and many more will offer barricades, bushes and dummy vehicles as additional cover during compound combat.

The school area, Yasnaya Polina, Quarry and Pochinki will also get a new look, and should feature various buildings.

The home menu, lobby and player profile will provide a new and more simple UI.

Pubg Mobile New Update Announcement & Features