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Pixar’s breathtaking sci-fi spectacle is much more than a Toy Story origin

“In 1995, a boy named Andy got a Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday. It was from his favorite movie. It’s that movie.” beginning of light year, Pixar’s latest outing, lays the groundwork for the sci-fi film more effectively than most of the film’s marketing. This essentially sets the tone for billing for the next two hours. light year as Andy Star Wars: A New Hopea movie that actually existed for the main human toy story And he fell in love with the main character so deeply that he only wanted his action figure. That’s a tall order, giving a movie a star wars-level promotion in its opening seconds, but light year More than lived up to those expectations. In many ways, it goes beyond them. It’s not just a great Pixar movie; light year One of the best sci-fi movies in years.

light year focuses on a very different version of the buzz we’re used to seeing toy story The film, this time voiced by Captain America legend Chris Evans, immediately proves to be the right choice for giving Buzz the honesty and drive for a story like this. Leading a Space Ranger mission to search for life on a distant planet, Buzz and his commanding officer, Alisha (Uzo Aduba) step out of their massive spaceship to scan the environment. Things go wrong and Buzz crashes his ship while trying to be the hero. This traps the entire population of the craft on the strange planet, where they need to find a reliable hyperspace fuel source to return home. Tests for this fuel, coupled with Buzz’s determination to “finish the mission”, see the world moving faster for more than 60 years, while Buzz lives the same age, allowing him to live by himself. He is forced to think about the decisions made as he continues his search. a way home.

The bulk of the story takes place years after Alisha and all of Buzz’s Space Ranger friends have passed away. When a robotic army led by Zerg invades the planet, Buzz ends up with a band of misfits trying to save the entire space station. The leader of the group is none other than Alisha’s granddaughter, Izzy, voiced by Keke Palmer. Through him, Buzz still has a connection to his best friend and Space Ranger past, but is at the same time confronted with the past that his insistence has let him lose.

There’s more to unpack light year About to go in as much as you can imagine, especially since it’s kind of a behemoth IP prequel toy story, It could easily have been a cash grab for Disney and Pixar, designed to sell dirt off Buzz Lightyear toys like the ones schools are giving away for the summer. But director Angus MacLaine cares so deeply about this story, this genre, and this character to make it even the slightest bit forgettable.

The film tugs at those familiar Pixar heartbeats and tells a dark story about a man at the crossroads of his past, present, and future. Regret clashes with reality as Buzz slowly learns to see the world around him for what he is, not what he could be. This whole story unfolds in a big way at the start of the third act that I dare not spoil, but it’s an incredibly satisfying moment for Buzz Lightyear fans, both new and old.

Buzz is undoubtedly the star of the film, but he’s surrounded by absolute scene-stealers every step of the way. Sox, his robotic feline companion, will be the most talked-about sidekick since Baby Yoda burst onto the scene in 2019. Every joke and bit covers the Sox land with ease and gut-wrenching laughter – actor Peter Sohn totally kills it. Taika Waititi also gets one of the best roles of her career and a penchant for the pen as Moe Morrison, a clumsy “quitter”.

story, emotion and humor light year Pixar’s best offerings are on par with what should be expected for an award-winning studio at the moment. Where this film sets itself apart is in its visual displays. light year It is really breathtaking to look at. It’s the kind of movie that releases from time to time that makes you think to yourself, “Wait, animation can do that?” It thoroughly tests the limits of animation, introducing the medium to IMAX cameras and taking Pixar in bold new directions than ever before. Suggesting that you watch something “on the biggest screen possible” has become a highly used phrase over the past year, but I believe it was made for a movie. light year, You want to look at it as humanely as possible. From beads of sweat on Buzz’s face as he struggles to course-correct a ship to the astonishing horizon on the planet, there ain’t a pixel. light year Which doesn’t get your full attention.

light year Could work perfectly as original title – toy story It’s not really necessary to make the story or characters entertaining. But the connection is used as fully as it can be. There are a few lines that allude to Buzz’s idioms toy story, but the story never hinges on the adventures in Andy’s room. Instead, it offers an opportunity to unpack a more interesting version of the deeply human toy that has been in our lives for nearly 30 years. light year Aiming for infinity and more than salvation, which takes us a little further than expected.

Rating: 5 out of 5

light year Will hit theaters on June 17.

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