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Omen prequel being developed by Legion Director

Omen prequel being developed by Legion Director

More than 15 years after the last installment hit theaters, 20th Century Studios is moving on to a prequel to the 1976 film Prognostic, currently titled “The First Omen”. ready to come from the picture troop And Briarpatch Episodic director Arkasha Stevenson, who will make her feature-film directorial debut. Stevenson will collaborate with writing partner Tim Smith to rewrite the current version of the script. There are currently no details about what the narrative will discover, which will certainly leave fans scratching their heads about what might be discovered in a narrative that takes place before there is an origin story.

origin Prognostic focuses on a young boy who appears to be the center of supernatural activity and, while investigating bizarre events, leads the father to believe that the boy is in fact the Antichrist, which is largely confirmed in the two follow-up films. Is. The final entry in the series was a reboot of the 2006 concept.

A key component of the original film’s narrative is that the father, played by Gregory Peck, learns in early scenes that his actual child had died in childbirth, but is given the opportunity to adopt a boy whose mother had been given birth to. He died while giving birth. In this regard, it may seem likely that first omen May center around this woman who gave birth to the demonic “Damien” and how such a child came into existence.

apart from working troopStevenson also collaborated with filmmaker Nick Antosca on the TV show. Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block And brand new cherry flavor,

back in 2020, Magical Authors Chad and Kerry W. Hayes confirmed that they had created a . wrote a script for Prognostic The prequel which was stalled due to the merger between The Walt Disney Company and 20th Century Fox. It looks like Stevenson and Smith will be rewriting that project for this new installment.

“We prequel it PrognosticWhich is also sitting at Fox, rumor has it that it’s going into production,” Chad previously shared with ComicBook.com. “So we’ll see what happens.”

Carrie said, “Let us tell you where Damien came from. It was really fun. It was great.”

stay tuned for details first omen,

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