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No Time To Die director Cary Fukunaga accused of sexual misconduct by multiple actresses

No Time To Die director Cary Fukunaga accused of sexual misconduct by multiple actresses

no time to die Director Cary Fukunaga has been accused of sexual misconduct by several actresses. Last week, Rachel Winberg, best known for her work on HBO bettySocial media came forward, accusing the director of pressurizing him for a romantic relationship soon after turning 18. Twin actresses Hannah and Kailyn Losh, who appeared on Netflix mad, have come forward With his own allegations against the Director.

The initial allegations first began last week when Winberg took to Instagram Story, sharing a screenshot of his own post of Fukunaga reacting to a leaked Supreme Court draft about Roe v. Wade. Fukunaga’s post was read as critical of the draft and in support of women’s rights, leading Winberg to allege that Fukunaga “really doesn’t care about women.”

“It bothers me because he literally doesn’t care about women,” Winberg wrote. “That only traumatizes them. I’ve talked to several girls. F-ck you carry.”

Winberg alleged in a series of additional posts that Fukunaga followed her after their 18th birthday after they worked together in a Samsung ad. According to Winberg, the relationship lasted until the age of 21, and while she admitted it was legal, she said it wasn’t right.

Winberg said, “One thing that was really weird about him was that he used to ask me to pretend to other people that I was his cousin or niece or sister, just as he wanted me to.” Lie about who I was.” “I decided to expose him because I felt like I should represent women and I would never be able to be with myself. This man was roaming around, doing so freely.”

After Winberg’s allegations, Hannah and Kellyanne Losh also shared their experiences with Fukunaga. The sisters said that they met Fukunaga when he was 20 and he allegedly followed her for years while living in their family home, where she reportedly asked if they were virgins and asked about threesomes. , even reportedly suggesting that “adultery is okay” if all parties are okay with it.'”

The sister further wrote that after another encounter with Fukunaga in their penthouse to watch No Time to Die before the film’s release, they told her that they would no longer speak to her, and she reportedly expressed concerns about this. Responded with “Will see how bad it is” will they go public with their allegations.

Last fall, Raiden Greer revealed how Fukunaga fired him from a minor speaking role in the first season of True Detective after he refused to go topless in a scene, even though it was not in his contract. .

“It was disappointing. It felt bad,” Greer recounted the daily beast at that time. “You can’t treat people like you’re all a pair of boobs, which is so sad. And now, Carrie’s talking about her female characters—it’s like just another slap in the face over and over again. Yes, he’s had a stellar career – that was a star-maker for him, and what happened to me? Nobody cares.”

according to this wrapA representative for Fukunaga declined to comment.

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