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Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Hampton Yount Talks Being Crow

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Hampton Yount Talks Being Crow

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Has been part of the pop culture zeitgeist for decades, first debuting in 1988 and eventually becoming a smash success, saving it from cancellation multiple times and spawning over two hundred episodes. Thanks to Gizmoplex’s wildly successful fundraising campaign, with the surreal series recently gearing up for its thirteenth season, ComicBooks.com we got to sit down and chat with the latest iteration of the wise-cracking robot known as Crow. Got the opportunity. Hampton Yount, to pick his brain on the latest season and his legacy as a member of the Satellite of Love.

Hampton made her debut in the entertainment world through stand-up comedy, leveraging her skills in a half-hour special on Comedy Central, a producer role. MTV’s Ridiculousness, and being featured on countless popular podcasts. Playing Crowe has been a dream come true for the stand-up comic, with Yount going into more detail about what it’s really like to be a symbol of his childhood:

“It’s like walking around and wearing Bart Simpson’s skin. You love this character as a kid and so it sounds weird, but it also sounds like the job I’ve been for my whole life.” It feels really fitting at times because I’m this exact character, this nihilistic. It starts to track.”

Hampton Yount is the latest Crow in a line of actors who brought the hilarious puppetry to life as the first iteration of Robot following the likes of Trace Beaulieu and Bill Corbett, who portrayed the robot for eight to ten seasons and one as continued. Member of Reftrax. With this in mind, Hampton elaborated on his portrayal and how it differs from what has come before:

“It’s fun because it takes away a lot of the pressure. If anything gets to me I just be myself, whatever they like, I can keep. One thing about my Crow is that He has more movement now, and I roll with it and try to contain it. He moves a little bit more and it gives me more range.”

The man who is also Crowe was surprisingly shocked to learn that this season there were movies he actually enjoyed watching, elaborated on the unlikely films that put a smile on his face:

“There were actually a few movies that I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed this season of the movie, The Mask, which is not a Jim Carrey movie or a Cher movie. It’s neither The Mask, it’s a less good version of them The movie I really enjoyed this season is Santo and the Treasure of Dracula Because it is already an established universe. They don’t tell you who Santo is, but he is a fully formed character. That seems to be what the Marvel franchise is trying to get at. No longer need to watch Batman’s parents die or Uncle Ben die!”

The Hamptons set to perform at the Siren Theater this Friday, May 14 in Portland, Oregon If you want to see the man behind The Crow live, tickets can be purchased here, You can also hear Hampton’s thoughts on all things comic books with his current podcast, doom island, You can also follow him on Twitter @HamptonYount.

The thirteenth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will consist of thirteen episodes and twelve shorts, and Can currently be accessed on the official website of the series, three episodes have already been released. Gizmoplex will release a brand new mst3k Content every two weeks until this current season ends.

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