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My Neighbor Totoro’s Real Life Forest to Be a Nature Preserve

Studio Ghibli has given a lot of movies since making it, and its love for nature shines through in almost every project. Director Hayao Miyazaki has made the studio synonymous with gorgeous visuals, and the filmmaker often travels across Japan for inspiration when he can. In fact, such visits helped Miyazaki to think My Neighbor Totoro years ago, and now the forest that gave birth to the film is petitioning to be preserved.

For those who don’t know, Miyazaki has said that the city of Tokorozawa inspired him while he was developing. My Neighbor Totoro, The city, which is just north of Tokyo, is home to the Kaminoyama region and its rural forests. Miyazaki studied these areas while planning My Neighbor Totoro, and directors also moved into the field in the 1970s after falling in love with its allure. So now, the city wants to turn part of the Kaminoyama forest into a nature preserve.

According to government officials, the city plans to convert the 8.6 acres of forest into a protected protected area. The current owners of the property agreed to sell the land to the city for US$20 million. Now, the city is crowdfunding resources to set up the preserve with dedicated government funding, and Studio Ghibli is helping with the effort.

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As fans donate to the project, Studio Ghibli is printing reproduction images for gift donors who make generous contributions. total five scenes from My Neighbor Totoro Will be printed by the studio, but will be made in limited numbers. Currently, Studio Ghibli plans to support the crowdfund by offering 1,000 of these replicas as prizes to donors. And if more is needed later, additional runs and paintings are on the table for release.

What do you think of this latest Studio Ghibli project? Would you like to visit this nature preserve one day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB,

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