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Monday, June 27, 2022

MTV’s Daria Spinoff Jodi Cast Announced

MTV Entertainment Studios and executive producers Grace Edwards and Tracee Ellis Ross today announced the all-star cast for the highly anticipated animated film Pairset in the world of mtv Daria, Originally announced as a TV series headed to Comedy Central, Pair Joining Golden Globe-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross (black-ishPamela Adlon is (good things), Cole Escola (search party), JoJo T. Gibbs (twenties), William Jackson Harper (love life), Josiah Mamet (the flight attendant), Alex Moffat (saturday night live), Dermot Mulroney (Isn’t it), Arden Myrin (greedy), Kal Pen (designated survivor), Kofi Siriboe (queen sugar), Dulce Sloan (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah), and Helen York (the other two,

Pair Jodie follows Landon after leaving college, moves to a civilized city, and takes a job at Firstfinity, a mysterious Google tech company. The film is executive produced by writer and showrunner Edwards along with Ellis Ross and Awesome Inc.’s Ashley Koehler.

Here are the character details for the main cast:

  • Tracee Ellis Ross will play the iconic character pair of Daria. Fresh from college graduation and full of ambition, Jody moves to the big city for a prestigious internship at the tech behemoth, Firstfinity.
  • Pamela Adlon will play Jocelyn Light, the leading VP of Internet Affairs at Firstfinity, which honors the pair.
  • Cole Escola will play Jody’s intern friend Ryan, who is honestly allergic, in FirstFinity.
  • Jojo T. Gibbs will play Tiffany, who has been swinging for weeks, lives in Jody’s building and is Cass’s ex.
  • William Jackson Harper will play Mack, Jodie’s witty and supportive high school sweetheart from the original Daria series.
  • Zosia Mamet will play Greta, a beach-wavy, self-proclaimed empath and Jodie’s fellow intern, in FirstFinity.
  • Alex Moffatt will play Barry, an over-enthusiastic internship coordinator at Firstfinity who, despite being in his 50s, desperately tries to be Gen-Z cool.
  • Dermot Mulroney will take on the role of Lionel, the powerful and charming CEO of Firstfinity.
  • Arden Myrin will play Brittany, Daria’s former Lawndale cheerleader turned influencer at FirstFinity.
  • Kal Penn will play another fellow intern Sandeep, a fitness-obsessed, techie brother.
  • Kofi Siribow will play Raymond, Jody’s incredibly handsome, but not so friendly supervisor, in FirstFinity.
  • Dulce Sloan will play Cass, the college jodi’s fun-loving best friend and new roommate. A finance genius and social butterfly, Cass works as hard as she grinds.
  • Helen Yorke will play Nia, Jody’s brown-nosing, fellow intern who will do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Here’s how MTV Entertainment Studios describes the film:

what Daria Did it to show how crazy high school was for Gen X, Pair Will explore the trials and tribulations of the first post-college job for the new generation. The show will satirize workplace culture, Gen Z struggles, tech, social media and more. Just as Daria Did for Daria Morgendorfer when it was a spin-off Beavis and Butthead, Pair Jody will delve deeper into Landon as she realizes she had to be a “perfect African American teen” at Lawndale High to headline her story.

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from comicbook.com

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