Mayhem in the Multiverse Premiere

Mayhem in the Multiverse Premiere

teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse Coming soon. Cartoon Network promoted the film’s release and featured cover art on social media. May 24 is the big day for home releases. Four days later, fans can watch the film on Cartoon Network, and a month later people can stream it on HBO Max! Lex Luthor has a dangerous group of DC super villains plotting to take over the multiverse. But, when the Teen Titans and DC Super Hero Girls join forces, it could be enough to save the entire world from danger. The multiverse is a popular concept right now, and it only makes sense for DC Comics’ greatest team to address a threat to life as we know it. Check out the art below for yourself!

“Incredible success teen Titans Go!With its signature mix of action and subversive superhero humor, the show is a testament to the phenomenal work of executive producer Pete Michaels and the show team,” Sam Register, president, Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, wrote in a press release. With seasons, a theatrical feature film, several specials, celebrity cameos, and no end in sight, the show has carved its own lane in the acclaimed legacy established by the original Teen Titans animated series.”

DC Comics just released a brand new synopsis for teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse: “With the help of an ancient Kryptonian force, Lex Luthor unites the world’s super-villains to capture all of Earth’s Super Heroes, until … only the DC Super Hero Girls are left to stop the Legion of Doom.” Our heroes must cross dimensions save their fellow Super Heroes from the Phantom Zone, but an accidental wrong turn leads them to the Titans Tower – where they find much-needed allies in Teen Titans. Young Super Heroes discover their combined strengths – and general comic relief – are required to save the day at this blockbuster event!”

Mayhem in the Multiverse The Blu-ray combo pack from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will be available on DVD and digital on May 24. On TV, it premieres on Cartoon Network on May 28 and streams on HBO Max from June 28.

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