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Maverick launches Trivia Experience via Instagram, Messenger

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Paramount Pictures and Meta have partnered on a new trivia experience to bring the world of Top Gun: Maverick to your phone. Both companies launched on Friday top gun flight school On Instagram and Messenger apps in honor of Top Gun Day. The new experience can be accessed directly through the apps, allowing users to compete in a trivia challenge that rewards you with new content for each correct answer.

top gun flight school Will be available on Instagram and Messenger starting May 13th. You can start the experience by sending a message Top Gun: Maverick Facebook page via the Messenger app, or by sending a direct message to @topgunmovie on Instagram.

Once you’ve sent the message, you’ll begin a 12-question, gauntlet-style trivia game. The more you get into the experience, the more difficult the questions will become. As you correct questions, new content will be sent to you from Top Gun: MaverickIncludes special guest cameos, throwback photos and videos from cast members, the new Top Gun: Maverick trailer, quotes, emoji, and more.

Tom Cruise returns to the pilot seat as Maverick, reprising his role from the 1986 hit film top Gun, The long awaited sequel, Top Gun: MaverickThe director comes from Joseph Kosinski, who is earning praise for his stellar job of filming the fighter jets in the film.

“We spent a year working with the Navy to get approval to put six of these IMAX-quality cameras inside the cockpit,” Kosinski recently reported gecko’s den, “Four of them were facing towards the actors and two of them were facing forward, plus the cameras mounted on the exterior of the plane… you can feel the authenticity. You can feel the tension, the g-forces Motion, something you can never capture on a soundstage, no matter how much money or visual effects you put into it. It was a tremendous amount of effort and work, but you can’t fake the results. I can’t wait could make people see it.”

Top Gun: Maverick Will hit theaters on May 27.

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