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Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Reveals More Multiverse Saga Coming Soon

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Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige says that there will be more revelations from the Multiverse saga coming soon. San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. But, the MCU revelations are really just beginning as Phase 4 draws to a close. Feige told marvel entertainment that he has more up his sleeve. he said, “There’s a lot to discuss and a lot to unveil, and we don’t want to talk about everything today.” This simple admission would probably be enough to rock the internet. Most of the online community thought there would be some cast announcements for this. Fantastic Four In the near future. Disney’s D23 Expo now stands as a major event for the public to see what’s coming next. deadpool 3 armor warfare, and whatever the future holds for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, it lives on in the minds of comic book fans as well. See what else he had to say below.

“Film producers, celebrity talent and surprise guests will join representatives from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm to showcase the theater and Disney+ titles at 10 a.m. in Hall D23,” Feige said. “Going behind the scenes of these studio’s highly anticipated films, specials and series, attendees will see exclusive footage and be among the first to know what else is in the works.”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever The panel was closed and many fans had tears in their eyes. But, before the trailer took their breath away, there was a fascinating admission by Feige. He told Hall H that the Ryan Cooler movie would actually be the end of Phase 4. ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis asked exactly what the Marvel Studios boss learned from this current slate of movies and TV shows.

“I think we learned something on every project we did, but as we were making out, and even three years ago here we outlined Phase 4, which we Didn’t complete, but as most of you know, we have realized that it is very different than phases 1, 2 and 3. There are more projects in less years, and so it was not right to conclude, you You know, the Avengers movie won’t have a finale every 10 months,” Feige explained. “And each film has now become a lot bigger in our crossover events in many ways. And after our creative experience with Infinity War and Endgame, it felt like it was about capping a saga, back-to-back. Movies to complete a saga is saving the Avengers and that’s exactly what we want to do today.”

What do you think Marvel will unveil at D23? Tell us below in the comments!

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Reference from comicbook.com

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