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Marvel Fan Films Incredible Captain America Fight Sequence

One Marvel fan movie has an amazing Captain America fight sequence. Godefroy Ryckewaert mesmerized people in 2019. His sequence with a hero fighting a SWAT team gained steam on Reddit this week after nearly three years. Now, people are wishing they could see some kind of one-on-one fight with the hero of the MCU as well. Not a ton is known about what they have planned for Sam Wilson. Steve Rogers is an even more mysterious subject at the moment. However, Quentin D’Hainaut had some fun as a super solider. The effects it has on the electricity used by his enemy have also been appreciated. You can see the whole thing for yourself here below.

Based on some recent comments, Evans is set to return. He regularly has nothing to say about working with Marvel Studios during his tenure. It looked like playing Captain America was a big moment not only for him but for the entire fanbase as he became synonymous with the character.

ComicBook.com’s Brandon sat down with Davis light year Star asked him about the rumors of Captain America returning. Evans gave a fearless response, but acknowledged the fact that fans really want to see him return to those Infinity Stones at some point. When asked what it would take for him to return to the franchise, the beloved MCU actor has this to say.

“It looks like something some people would like to see,” Evans explained. However, he’s not one to jump back into the role despite all those fan photoshops. “I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but it’s tough… It was such a good run and I’m very happy with it,” Evans said. “It’s very precious to me. It has to be perfect. It would be scary to rattle something, again, so, so dear to me. That role meant a lot to me. So, to watch it again, it would be be a tall order.”

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, he also thought about where this journey has taken him over the years. “You know, it’s different. It’s different. For ten years, you always have a movie around the corner,” Evans told Yahoo Entertainment. “For ten years… it’s always, you finish one and your life is determined to be, ‘Okay, six months, we have the press. Six more months, we start on the next movie. ” As for Open Water, there are parts of it that are good and there are parts of it that I really miss, because it was a role that meant a lot to me. And I love those people and, you know, it will be without question the best ten years of my professional life forever.”

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Reference from comicbook.com

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