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Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill will team on a Jerry Garcia biopic

Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill will team on a Jerry Garcia biopic

HWe don’t follow the band on tour on the road and don’t throw acid or anything, but Martin Scorsese is a real Deadhead. He stepped in as executive producer of Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary Long Strange Trip in 2017, and now he has announced a new project that will take his reputation as a jam group to the next level.

Deadline has the exclusivity that an Apple-fronted biopic of Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia will be Scorsese’s next directorial gig after his currently in production Western film Killers of the Flower Moon, a Boomer catnip setup that nonetheless has inspired by conniptions of excitement among moviegoers of all ages. And to play the bearded, likable, and consistently bred legendary guitarist, Scorsese enlisted the help of his former collaborator and friend Jonah Hill, a guy who pretty much fits the description that begins this sentence.

Garcia channeled currents of the ’60s counterculture into a comprehensive catalog of classic albums that those who lived in its heyday now associate good times, peace, and love. Although his music turned him into an avatar of cold vibes, his personal life has been marred by the same hardships that plague most rock stars – heroin and cocaine addictions, resulting health issues, death. unfortunately premature.

It’s a logical choice for Scorsese, whose work has consistently focused on the Golden Age Titans Beyond the Dead in particular, from the Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan to George Harrison to The Band. If anyone can be counted on to avoid the clichés of the increasingly obscene biopic form of musician, it’s Marty, and it helps that the script is from Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, old hands in this genre.

The more curious prospect will be Hill’s performance as Garcia, possibly a more low-key portrayal than we’re used to from the often nervous and energetic actor. Grateful Dead researcher Jordan Hoffman has already pointed On Hill’s turn in the recent Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot as a possible preview, the heavy calm of his role as a recovering drug addict quite matches Garcia’s serenity.

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