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Mario actor Charles Martinet breaks silence on ‘superhero’ Gigo

dragon ball super is back on the big screen, and fans are eager to head to the states to check out the anime for themselves. After all, Japan has welcomed the series’ new film into its theaters, and spoiler Floodgate won’t last long. Thank God, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Will go live worldwide later this summer, and one of its new English dub additions is the speaking gig.

And in case you haven’t heard, the couple in question belongs to none other than Charles Martinet. The voice actor is best known for voicing Mario as well as other Nintendo mascots, and he’s ready to tackle Dragon Ball eventually.

Martinet addressed fans on Twitter after Crunchyroll announced its new English dub actors Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, The actor started trending stateside as netizens got to know that Mario’s voice is going to voice a villain in the film. And as expected, Martinet was humbled by all the love sent his way.

“Thank you very much dragon ball super, To everyone at Crunchyroll, and the wonderful Chris Sabat,” the actor wrote. “I’m so impressed and grateful for the opportunity to play with you guys!”

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In case you didn’t know, Martinet is cast as Magenta Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, The character is new to the franchise and is part of the Red Ribbon Army. As the face of the organization, Magenta is pulling strings this time against Gohan and Piccolo. And if you squint, the magenta looks like the sleek gangster version of Mario if the plumber was swept away. Dragon Ball Universe.

Currently, Stateside fans can expect to see Martinet’s new role for the first time this August. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It’s expected to hit US theaters on August 19th, and pre-sales for tickets begin in late July.

Are you excited to see Martinet play your first match? Dragon Ball gig? Or will you be checking out the subbed version of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB,

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