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Friday, July 1, 2022

Kevin Smith Reviews The Elvis Movie: “A Miracle Of Cinema”

Although Kevin Smith regularly reviews new Marvel and DC movies, the man can also be relied upon to offer his thoughts on other summer blockbusters. in this latest Fatman Beyond Live Podcast, Smith revealed his thoughts on Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis film, which he revealed he had watched with his mother, himself an Elvis fan, when the King of Rock and Roll was performing. Smith praised the film’s aesthetics, but also the presentation of the film in Screen X format, a theatrical exhibition that pushes the entire image across three walls instead of a single screen. He called the film both “spellbinding,” a “miracle” and offered a hilarious anecdote about star Austin Butler.

“My mom, three times, cried during the movie, and it was so weird because there’s a scene in the movie where she moves her pelvis for the first time and all the women are like, “Ah!” Smith said. “My mom was like crying on that scene because she was like ‘That was the first time I was with your dad too, I remember that.’ She explained, she was like ‘I’ve never seen her pants like that.'”

Smith continued, “The movie is amazing, I don’t know how you fit into someone’s huge life in two and a half hours, but Baz Luhrmann did a great job doing it. Austin Butler was absolutely Elvis, just turned out to be the man.” , even fat Elvis, they put her in makeup. Really thin people in thick makeup, it doesn’t work, (but) they spent some money. This movie is so expensive, they did a hundred, two hundred Must have spent million bucks, maybe easily two hundred million. Because they recreate the 1950s, every outfit, they crowd full of people, you get 400 people, every spare made for their hair and the duration of their wear. Clothes. Just so god very expensive, but put to wonderful use because it really recreated that era, a glory, a marvel of cinema.”

In the end, Smith concluded, “But watching my mom cry during it was realizing that she was totally like Funger … at the end of the movie she was crying, and she was like, ‘Oh my god. That boy, she was awesome,’ met that guy, he was in yoga hoser, he played the role of one of the diabolical teenagers.’ And my mom said without losing any beat, ‘Oh, this movie would be a lot better for her career.'”

elvis Debuts in theaters this Friday.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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