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Kevin Bacon confirms he posed as a transfer student to prepare for Footloose

Nearly 40 years ago, Kevin Bacon played a legendary hero who played his asses against a small town full of people wielding sticks. Part of snort Later years of the legend centered on the idea that he actually presented himself as a transfer student in preparation for the role, in which he played a Chicago teenager who moves to a small town in the Midwest. , where it is illegal to dance. The actor has said that he was stunned by the experience in which he had to pose as a transfer student for a day, meeting and interacting with high school kids of the ’80s and selling them… is, basically the character he would go on to play in the iconic ’80s movie.

Bacon said that the experience of being a fish out of water still affected him, even though he was older than the kids in school and working on a big movie. He joked that when the crew arrived at the end of the day, the first thing he wanted to do was go to the bar.

“It’s the dumbest ride in the world,” Bacon joked in a new episode. hot ones, “I wanted to see what it would be like to experience an urban kid moving into a rural setting – very different culturally. It was like the movie I can’t tell you. Some badass kids were like ‘Who are you, goons? ‘ And in front with me in the bathroom and stuff. And then there was this big, corn-fed dude who took me under his wing and said, ‘You all back off. I get it, that’s fine.’ And the girls, as I walked down the hall, were laughing. I thought, if the character walked into school on the first day, he’d be like, ‘Come, bring,’ and it was the exact opposite.”

You can watch it below.

During a 2018 conversation with John Lithgow Diversity‘s “actors on actorsBacon said that she thought as a 23-year-old, no one would believe her playing a teen. OK? As a teen to prove that other kids would buy it.

“I went and experienced the same thing for a day,” he recalled. “The only people who knew I was an actor were the principal and maybe the guidance counselor. The teachers didn’t know. The students didn’t know.”

“Footloose laws” actually existed in parts of the US, the one in Arkansas being taken off the books by the end of 2018 (though no one has actually been arrested or fined for it in at least 20 years at the time). went). the film was inspired by Elmore City, Oklahoma, That special ordinance expired in March 1980, when the school board allowed students to hold high school prom. in 2010, Residents recreate prom for its 30th anniversary, and kicked things off with Kenny Loggins’ famous snort title song.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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