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Jurassic World Dominion Fans Discuss Director Colin Trevorrow

Jurassic World Dominion Fans are discussing the direction of Colin Trevorrow. While the sequel is still rocking at the box office. Some commentators online are less than thrilled after seeing the film. Many are citing the need for the franchise to go into hibernation for a while. It’s not all negative, but respondents want to know what happened to it dominion, You can check out some of the best reactions below.

THR spoke to the filmmaker about the ways in which COVID-19 affected his production. “It was kind of a natural consequence of the way we were feeling while making the film,” Trevorrow explained. ,[Jurassic World Dominion] There’s a movie that’s completely about the need to understand how the natural world and the way they coexist, or else we’re going to go extinct like the dinosaurs… People call this film something that can be applied to issues in our real world, and none of it is unintentional.”

“I think over time, hopefully, I’ve become more adept at making these movies a Trojan horse for ideas. And I don’t think they’re political views,” Trevorrow said. “Those are ideas that we all, if we don’t agree with, are of real concern. But it’s done without sacrificing the fact that it’s a really fun ride and it’s a family movie about dinosaurs. So the balance in this film is my favorite balance of the three.”

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a great movie


This may be a common post, but is booming at the box office


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Some fans are confused


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