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Jurassic World Dominion director explains why the movie didn’t have a prologue

before jurassic world A full trailer delivered to fans Jurassic World Dominion, we were given a five-minute prologue, which included several exciting elements. After 30 years, the prologue finally took the franchise back to the era in which dinosaurs actually lived, before proceeding to look at the devastation that followed its conclusion. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Director Colin Trevorrow noted recently that, while the sequence was initially intended to be featured in the theatrically released film, the studio opted to release it as a prelude because it would be before the film anyway. Worked as minutes and was a bit slow. For a blockbuster. Jurassic World Dominion Now in cinemas.

,[The Prologue was] maybe even [Terrence] Malik-ian for a big summer movie,” shared Trevorrow wrap, “It was the beginning of the film, it’s the first five minutes of the film and that’s something I’m very proud of. In our conversations about how long this movie can be, and it’s still a very long film, we realized that It had to go.”

He continued, “Universal supported my request to give it to everyone for free and let people see this prelude as a way to bring them into the world we were creating. There is hope, and I almost certainly will.” I can say, someday you’ll be able to watch it again.”

with dominion being an adventure that set off the journey of both Jurassic Park And jurassic world movies, the film is the longest in the series coming in at two hours and 26 minutes. The prologue wasn’t the only sequence that didn’t make the final cut, as Trevorrow recently confirmed that roughly 15 minutes of the film were cut in hopes of delivering the story as efficiently as possible.

“I would say about 14 minutes of footage that isn’t in theatrical release that people will get a chance to see someday,” the filmmaker revealed. collider, “But at the same time, it’s already a long film. We’re two hours and 26 minutes. And it’s already 20 minutes longer than any other jurassic The movie ever has been. So when it comes to getting people out of the theatre, we have to find a balance that they haven’t left the theatre. Hopefully, these editions will be able to live up to that if you’re really interested in going deeper into it, we’re going to give you that opportunity. And if you love the film that we are releasing, you will always have that too.”

Jurassic World Dominion Now in cinemas.

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