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Monday, June 27, 2022

Jordan Peele to produce horror film GOAT about pro football quarterback

Filmmaker Jordan Peele’s production company Monkeypaw Productions has won a major bidding war, according to time limitTaking the rights to a new horror-thriller titled goat, According to Trade, Limetown co-producers Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie wrote the script for the film, a play on the game’s acronym meaning “Greatest of All Time.” The script “centers on a rookie QB who goes to training with a retired star QB who may keep the secret of how he has played at such a high level.” It is unlikely that Peele will direct the film, but it will be a part of Monekipa’s overall deal with Universal, trade wise.

Although Peele’s socially conscious thrillers are probably Monkeypaw’s best-known films, the production company has also had a hand in several other films and TV shows such as Spike Lease. BlackKeckKlansmanreboot of the Twilight ZoneHBO’s lovecraft countryAnd of course last year’s revival Sweet seller, Monkeypaw has dark comedy Honor to Jesus. save your soul And the stop-motion animated film Wendell & Wilde is both set to arrive this year.

“I have four other social thrillers I want to unveil over the next decade,” Peele previously told Business Insider about his original projects (for those keeping track, the upcoming No would be the second of these four). “The best and most feared monsters in the world are humans and especially what we are capable of when we get together. I have been working on these premises about these various social monsters, these instinctively Human monsters that are woven into the fabric of how we think and how we interact, and each of my films will be about a different one of these social monsters.”

“The word ‘visionary’ is often thrown around in our business, but in Jordan Peele’s case, it couldn’t be more appropriate,” Universal Studios Group chairman Pierlena Igbokwe said in a statement. Overall deal with the studio. “He brings cultural exclusivity along with clarity of purpose to everything he does, and audiences around the world have responded. I am truly honored that Jordan and his partner, Vin Rosenfeld, have brought our studio together for the foreseeable future. Chose it as your TV home.”

Check back for more details goat As we learn about them and prepare for Jordan Peele No To come to theaters this July.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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