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Johnny Depp Image As Jack Sparrow Introduced Over Disneyland Castle Stirs Controversy

Johnny Depp is stirring up some controversy if you can believe it. Or rather: Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is sparking new controversy with the Disney crowd. Jack Sparrow’s launch of Johnny Depp being projected at the Magic Kingdom Castle in Disneyland Paris, during a Pirates of the Caribbean fireworks display. It’s the first time Disney distanced itself from Depp by removing him from Pirates of the Caribbean in 2018. The tide is clearly turning now after Depp won his high-profile lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, allegations of which caused industry ripples against Depp.

After Disneyland Paris revealed Depp’s image as Sparrow, it was captured by cameras and posted on social media. The tweet and video have since gone viral, and sparked a (presumable) backlash from people who still believe Depp is wrong. At the same time, watching the video below, it is clear that there is a wave of happiness in some of the crowd when Depp appears in front of Jack Sparrow:

There’s renewed discussion about what Disney plans to do about it Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, now that Depp has secured at least the necessary public relations wins to make himself viable again for high-profile studio franchise roles. During his trial, Johnny Depp admitted that he understood why Disney had turned away from him: “Two years had passed with this wife-killing talk about me around the world. So I’m sure Disney Trying to cut ties to be safe. #MeToo movement was in full swing at that time.” He also exaggeratedly clarified that he was done with Pirates,

And yet, a former Disney executive says Depp is riding back Pirates of the Caribbean is inevitable:

“I absolutely believe after the verdict that the Pirates are set to start again with Johnny as Captain Jack,” reported an unnamed source. People, “There’s a lot of potential box-office treasure trove for a beloved character deeply embedded in Disney culture. [producer] Riding High on Jerry Bruckheimer’s Massive Success Tom Cruise in Top Gun: MaverickThe massively popular franchise has a huge appetite to bring back bankable Hollywood stars.”

a Pirates Margot is working on the project with Robbie – adding her and Depp together will definitely lead to a Legacy sequel/reboot vine hit that could see Robbie reignite and Depp playing a supporting role. The treasury will fill up — and for all his talk, Depp probably has coffers to replenish after all his legal strain.

Could Disneyland Paris be the first sign of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean return?

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from comicbook.com

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