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John Boyega Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want to Be in a Marvel Movie Right Now

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star wars Franchise legend John Boyega is not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite some recent rumors that suggested he played a role in the massive multimedia franchise. In a new interview, he revealed that — at least in part — there’s a simple reason he’s not doing a Marvel movie: he doesn’t want to at the moment. After years of working on a large-scale corporate franchise, it looks like Boyega is taking his money and name recognition, and trying to use it to prop up smaller projects that he calls “fresh ideas”. admits.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any respect for Marvel, or that it might not, but for now, the actor wants to do something else. And they say that Robert Downey, Jr.’s turn as Tony Stark still looms large for actors with a wondrous opportunity.

“It’s not in sight for me anymore,” said Boyega. men’s Health, “I want to do finer things… I want to donate my services to original indie films that come up with new, fresh ideas, because I know it’s really hard to get to the top iron man in that universe.”

Boyega didn’t have the best time working star wars, The actor endured racist attacks from online trolls, and his character disappeared into the background halfway through the sequel trilogy, leading some fans to wonder which of Finn’s plans were aborted. He was one of several actors who said that extraordinary circumstances would be needed to bring him back to a galaxy far, far away.

Touching on some rumors about how his story might be different in the Skywalker saga’s originally planned conclusion, Boyega told an interviewer that the abandoned storyline would be the only way for Finn to return to the franchise. He suggested that he could, in fact, watch it play as an animated series on Disney+.

“I am one Mandalorian fans, so Lucasfilm is doing great with the TV show,” Boyega explained. Yahoo! news back in 2020. “An animated show would be dope! We can do it from home.”

You can now watch the Star Wars sequel series on Disney+. Boyega’s upcoming projects include they clone tyrone, lady kingand the long awaited attack block 2,

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Reference from comicbook.com

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