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Jamie Foxx teases the new Spawn costume that fills the screen

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Jamie Foxx is currently promoting his upcoming Netflix action/comedy/vampire flick, day shiftWith Dave Franco. comicbook.com Got a chance to talk to two stars about the new film, and the conversation turned into spawn region. A film has been in the works for quite some time based on Todd MacFarlane’s Image Comics character, Spawn, but not much is known about the project other than Foxx’s involvement. while speaking with comicbook.comFoxx called spawn The movie “Special” and teased what fans can expect from her costume.

“I’ve seen a lot of concepts,” Foxx revealed of what made a costume. “Because Todd, what he does, every single day he’s doodling and he’s fixing and he’s doing a few things that, to me, I think will go way when you look at it. And he’s that How one crafts the cape and how that cape becomes almost – I would say it – the bigger screen you’re looking at.”

comicbook.com He also had a chance to chat with McFarlane at San Diego Comic-Con last month, and he revealed that he “had that conversation” about the development. spawn As a streaming series instead of a movie.

“The answer is you should probably think about it. What if a big network comes out and pulls out a ton of cash and says they want to make it a streaming movie?” MacFarlane said. “My only hesitation for this kind of deal right now is that there’s no data I can think of that anyone is able to build on. [movie] The Franchise Is Getting Started as Streaming [series].” He continued, “[Franchises] Start in theatres, then you can do side films, then you can go to a different series.”

MacFarlane also revealed that he debated the live-action announcement spawn News at San Diego Comic-Con or until New York Comic Con later this year, nearing new releases batman/spawn The crossover comic that was just announced.

“We were having a big debate about whether we were going to announce a [at San Diego Comic-Con] … I thought it might be a little early, because I’m trying to make another two big announcements like we’re going to sell out in Hollywood,” he explained. spawn Something will be over the top… there will be some things that are buzzing, and I thought, ‘[San Diego] Hair can happen very quickly.'”

Stay tuned for more updates about spawn,

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Reference from comicbook.com

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