Ira Sachs’ next film will focus on a queer love triangle of European festival darlings

Franz Rogowski and Ben Whishaw play lovers driven apart when one of them has an affair with Adèle Exarchopoulos.

SSometimes the art of cinema seems simpler than you think. Every now and then, a work suggests that movie success is as simple as hiring two or more attractive artists and letting them be their most magnetic and haunting selves – giving people what they want with grace, dignity. and competence.

This is the preliminary reading of Passages, the new film by Ira Sachs, which will bring together three of the most attractive actors who currently frequent the circuit of European festivals. A report of The cinema scene says he’s already started shooting his follow-up to his underrated, Isabelle Huppert-directed Frankie, a portrayal of romantic dissatisfaction that seems to be in line with the latter project.

In it, Franz Rogowski (a recent favorite of German Christian Petzold) and Ben Whishaw (last seen as the bookish Q in the James Bond film No Time to Die) play the roles of a couple of lovers who have had a tender relationship for fifteen years. . But a “privacy triangle” threatens to tear their union apart when one of them – whose actor has not yet been revealed – has an affair with a woman, played by Adèle Exarchopoulos (once Palme Gold for Blue is the hottest color).

Knowing the filmography of Ira Sachs, this infidelity will lead to a complete re-evaluation of the self for the three characters caught up in it, examining not only their own sexual orientations, but their aspirations, insecurities and the other messy intangibles that make up the figures. complexes populating his work. If Frankie is any informer, it will likely take place in a dazzling European telegenic location.

With production currently underway, a Cannes premiere next year (where Frankie landed a prime spot at Sachs in the competition roster) appears to be in the cards. With the staff attached, it’s not hard to imagine the treatment of the red carpet – they all know the Croisette like the backs of their respective well-hydrated hands.

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