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Introducing… the new host of Truth & Movies

Introducing... the new host of Truth & Movies

Leila Latif slinks into the presenting hot seat of LWLies’ weekly film review podcast.

IIt’s a sad day at LWLies HQ, as Michael Leader, our trusted podcast host for nearly four years, has decided to innovate his headphones and head to professional pastures. He will be sorely missed around 2008, his love of awkward nerds, heavy rock and online message boards, as well as the fact that, on the show, he was a very difficult person to please, rarely seen in a movie. The coveted five-star award is given to the treatment. You’ll still be able to hear his Dulcet Mancunian vocals on his own podcast, gibliothequeAnd maybe he’ll jump into T&M Studios again as a future guest.

For now, the current order of business is to introduce our new host: the fabulous Leila Latif. Regular listeners will already get to know the sharp, knowledgeable and charming Lila, who slackened off while grooving to a secret Michael project (you’ll hear about it soon). Now, she’s here full time, and will be marshaling the discourse (and no doubt pouring some of her scathing opinions) in her own unique way.

And what better way to introduce you to Leela than with a movie-themed pop quiz? So take it Leela…

1. What was the first movie poster you bought and hung on the wall of your bedroom/home?

Attack of the 50 Feet Woman, a film I have yet to see.

2. What is the movie soundtrack you listen to the most?

Trainspotting, as a millennial, there seemed to be a legal requirement to own this soundtrack. I still get the urge to run through the streets of Edinburgh when I listen to Lust for Life by Iggy Pop.

3. When was the last time you dressed up as a character in a movie, and who/what was that?

My go-to Halloween costume is Annie Hall. No one ever gets it and I just assume I come from work and am wearing a hat inside the house.

4. Which was the last movie you watched in 3D?

Star Trek Into Darkness which I think was the nadir of the form.

5. Favorite podcast that isn’t T&M?

you are good Hosted by Sarah Marshall and Alex Stead with one guest each week. This is “a sentiment podcast about movies”. I love the idea of ​​tackling a film just based on the way it makes you feel and what kind of stories are meaningful, free from societal expectations. When I first started criticizing film it felt like there was a right answer I was trying to give with reviews and it’s good to be reminded that it isn’t.

6. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek: The Next Generation > Empire Strikes Back > Star Trek Original Series > The Last Jedi > A New Hope > Wrath of Khan > First Contact > Deep Space 9 > Rogue One > The Mandalorian > Star Trek: Voyager > Picard > Star Trek Motion Picture > Return of the Jedi > The Force Awakens > The Search for Spock > Solo: A Star Wars Story > The Book of Boba Fett > Revenge of the Sith > The Phantom Menace > The Undiscovered Country > The Final Frontier > Attack of the Clones > The Rise Of Skywalker > Star Trek (2009) > Star Trek Into Darkness.

7. Favorite Marvel movie?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and It’s Not Close

8. Favorite Murnau movie?

Nosferatu but it’s too close

9. Dream Movie World Interview?

Either Steve McQueen.

10. Would you bury the film in a nuclear holding tank at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in order to rid all of humanity?

Louis CK’s I Love You Daddy which thankfully isn’t far from what happened.

11. The movie you’d like to bury to watch in the afterlife?


12. A totally meh movie that you love for reasons that are completely personal to you.

Starship Troopers especially since its asexual neo-fascist protagonists feel increasingly relevant to the cinematic landscape.

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