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Hugh Jackman’s reaction to the Hope sequel

Hugh Jackman's reaction to the Hope sequel

the greatest showman Counter-programming and sleeper hit have the clearest definitions in the modern era. Released at Christmas of 2017, around the same time as Star Wars: The Last Jedic And Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the film grossed nearly $8 million in its first weekend, but its legs were held up for weeks. The film eventually grossed over $170 million in usage and over $430 million globally. After its tremendous box office success, and major boon in profits from soundtrack sales, there was talk of a sequel in 2019, but that seemed unlikely after Disney absorbed 20th Century Fox. That said, the cast is still game.

speaking in an interview with variety Earlier this week, actress Michelle Williams launched the most recent charge of a call greatest showman 2, saying: “I’ll make another of them in a heartbeat. I wish they made a sequel… I really like that movie. My daughter Matilda sang those songs. My mom still listens to that soundtrack.” I love making things for kids that are full of joy and positivity.” Now star Hugh Jackman has spoken out about the possibilities of a sequel people (keeping his tongue firmly in his cheek): “Listen, if you know anything about my filmography, you’ll know that I am completely against sequels in every shape or form. Over nine movies No! I’m always open, if they come up with a good idea. Yes, I’m open!”

Talk of a sequel to the film first began in 2019, but since the film was a 20th Century Fox release and The Walt Disney Company is no longer in a distribution deal with Chernin Entertainment, it’s unclear whether a follow-up will ever happen. Stranger Things Have Happened In Hollywood Though, And Its Sequel the greatest showmanThere’s money left on the table, complete with the prospect of another soundtrack hit.

Also starring Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya, the greatest showman It would go on to be nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards and won the same award at the Golden Globes and Best Soundtrack at the Billboard Music Awards.

do you want to see the sequel the greatest showman And do you think that will ever happen? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

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