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How the Variety of Insanity Can Lead to Secret Wars

How the Variety of Insanity Can Lead to Secret Wars

Marvel Studios Has Never Officially Said They’re Making One secret war film, but the idea has been talked about so much in the press — by franchise directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and even by Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige — that it feels like a foregone conclusion at this point. . If this is, in fact, something that Marvel is heading towards, then the crumbs of bread we’ll find are no doubt already being planted. but this week Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness The road to this crossover has the potential to be not just a slice, but a whole loaf of bread that says “secret war like this.” assuming that a secret war The film is inspired by the 2015 version by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribik, the biggest move to get there could be this week Doctor Strange sequel.

The title of the film, combined with the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home, gives us our first clue that the film is building towards the incident. Central to the Hickman/Ribick story was the blending of the entire Marvel Multiverse into a new planet, a place divided by countless alternate realities into countries and territories – among them The Wastelands. old man loganfrom the deadlands Marvel ZombiesFrom 2099 …. well, 2099, and countless others. since Spider-Man: No Way Home While technically already every other Spider-Man movie canon created by association, Marvel Studios is uniquely poised to fold in the countless other Marvel movies they haven’t actually made into their larger continuation.

We know it’s being taken a step further by including Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, who appears to be a variant of the character we saw on 20th Century Fox. X Men Movies. Should the next logical step be taken by Marvel Studios, a secret war The film could turn countless Marvel movies into one spot on the big screen. Not only are the MCU’s Avengers likely to appear, but Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider, any version of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Men, as well as variants of other MCU characters who have already died on screen . Doctor Strange 2 It’s a big step towards broadening the idea to a wider audience.

The key to Doctor Strange’s plot in the Multiverse of Madness is the secret society The Illuminati. In the film, they appear as a group of (naturally) superhero variants in the multiverse, which might say something of Stephen Strange’s interference with other worlds. However, there is a possibility that they may be operating from the same perspective as The Illuminati’s Hickman. new avengers humor, because secret war, In that story, the group learns of a new threat to the universe, with parallel worlds colliding with each other, forcing them to fight it out and choose who will die (they also belong to one such world). Let’s face what’s a clear crack at DC’s Justice League)

It’s also possible that they’re just working from a “control the multiverse” angle, but that sounds awfully close to the Time Variance Authority already established in Marvel. bottle gourd, Isn’t it? In any event, this Illuminati may be the one who gives MCU’s Doctor Strange the idea to start his own secret group in the MCU, perhaps one that has to make the difficult decision about ending other worlds. The only downside is that very few of the characters that make up this group in the comics are present in the MCU, which would mean that some swapping would need to be done, though it might change the hebaristic theme that runs throughout the story.

Marvel Studios has opened the door to the multiverse to begin its “Phase Four” slate of programming, and if they’re really thinking about this batch of stories they’re telling the other as some building avengers: endgame-As conclusion, secret war It seems like. Every movie and show that Marvel has released in the past two years has been about either establishing a new version of a classic character in the MCU, introducing a new hero, or moving on to coexist with forms of those heroes. which we already know.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It seems set to give us multiple versions of Wanda and Stefan, which is a stupendous achievement in itself, but something that is preparing mainstream audiences to have an idea of ​​what will happen next. Starting with this movie, bringing everyone on board with the idea of ​​a really diverse and diverse array of characters, it seems like a strong foundation that will lead us forward. secret war,

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