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How Hulu’s Predator Sets Up Another Predator Sequel

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When predators Developed and then released in 2010, it came with the notion that it would kickstart the franchise and be the first in a set of films that, as we know, did not happen. Same happened with 2018 Cruel From Shane Black, a potential franchise starter who went nowhere. sees the beginning of this week to hunt, a new film in the series set hundreds of years ago, and naturally the film is eager to establish more stories in the franchise. Unlike the previous two attempts though it seems to hunt Might actually get a proper follow-up. Let’s take a look at what is being installed and why it might actually be happening below. spoiler follow,

In large part, Pre’s plot is about Amber Midthunder’s Naru, a young Komancha woman who wants to hunt and contribute to her tribe more than just collecting herbs and carrying children. She eventually sets out to find and kill the hunter as part of a larger ritual, especially after she takes out several members of her tribe, including her brother. Eventually Naru and the Beast come face to face and not only thanks to his abilities as a hunter, but to become familiar with the terrain he is able to best the hunter, uses his weapons against him, and wins. In the end she goes back to her tribe with the severed head of the hunter and is covered with his glowing blood. But the story does not end here.

Naru’s clan welcomes him with open arms and declares him the new war chief. As they start celebrating her in the film’s credits role. Prey’s credits, and by extension this sequel fodder, are a little different than you’d expect, taking an animated form and using cave drawing imagery to retell the feature film’s story. When the animated credits reach the conclusion of the film, though they are a tease, movement in the clouds that reveals at least three more Predator ships are on their way to Earth following the death of the Feral Predator.

A big chunk of the puzzle that could tease what’s to come next in the film has also been put in place. Naru befriends a wounded fur trapper who gives him a flintlock pistol, one that hunter fans may recognize as the same gun a hunter hands over to Danny Glover. hunter 2, At the end of the hunt however Naru still has the gun, meaning that at some point the hunter, or a hunter, will obtain it from him, potentially setting the stage for a major conflict between the hunter-gatherer lost tribe. hunter 2 and the Komanche tribe of Naru.

Why does it seem that it is more likely that a hunting 2 The other would be on the proposed sequel to the Predator revival, it’s all in the cost. although both predators And Cruel Doing well at the box office, they underperformed relative to their budget and demonstrated the studio’s interest in the franchise as a blockbuster powerhouse. to hunt There hasn’t been much to meet that limitation since its direct release on Hulu. By the time audiences come to watch the film, talk of a sequel seems inevitable, though it happens with every Predator movie. Critical reactions to the film have been overwhelming, although it currently has a XX on Rotten Tomatoes, and with the best reviews in the history of the series, it looks like there will be talk of a sequel; Luckily they already have a story idea planted.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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