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Hayden Christensen talks about Anakin Skywalker’s iconic ‘Sand’ quote

star wars previous episodes Long gone from being hated by Star Wars fans to taking their rightful place as some of the most creative movies for an entire generation (Z). As such, things about the Star Wars prequel movies that used to be fanciful are now some of the most popular Star Wars memes you can find. Case in point: the most hated film in the prequel trilogy, Episode II: Attack of the ClonesThere’s practically a meme factory, and one of the most infamous quotes from Anakin Skywalker (Not That) is a profound reflection on the nature of the sand.

As Anakin (Hayden Christensen) tells Padme (Natalie Portman), just before putting some (weird) tricks on her: “I don’t like sand. It’s rough and rough and annoying—and it’s everywhere.” She goes.”

When Attack of the Clones was first released in 2002, that line of Anakin’s dialogue was bled almost into oblivion—as was the entire Anakin/Padm romance. Now, however, the words of attack of clones Enjoyed on a whole other level (albeit often ironically) — and Hayden Christensen is enjoying how much fans are enjoying his infamous sand speech (via) t heart,

(Laughs.) You know, I think it’s funny that people have taken so much interest in that line. Some dialogues… are different than you expected. But I’ve never had a problem with that line. (Laughs.) I understood Anakin’s feelings for Sand, but maybe it was a bit awkward timing to bring it up, because he’s flirting with this girl he loves dearly. But, you know, that’s Anakin.

George Lucas’ likes of Padme go from knowing Anakin as a child (in.) the Phantom Menace) struck a lot of fans the wrong way for having a passionate romance with him as a youth – as the Luke and Leia brothers reveal in the original trilogy. The relationship between Anakin and Padmé is further improved and improved to the credit of the Star Wars storytellers who followed Lucas (such as Dave Filoni) – as have both related characters.

In fact, while writing this star wars The comics are exploring an arc of Darth Vader connecting with one of Padam’s old body double agents, as “Vader” must contend with some of “Anakin”‘s feelings of love. It’s the kind of story that will have a lot of fans hoping that Christensen will get to play in some kind of Darth Vader series, should he be given a chance after the present. Obi-Wan Kenobic event series.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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