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Happy Death 3 receives major update from Blumhouse Boss

last moments of Happy Death Day 2U Teased that the thrill of the story was just getting started, but the huge box office numbers prevented the third film from going ahead, yet producer Jason Blum recently confirmed that the third film was often the subject of discussion with director Christopher Landon. it occurs. The filmmakers did note that, just because the pair are discussing the film, it doesn’t mean it’s definitely happening, but it was also worth noting that fans will be looking for a third entry entirely. Don’t lose hope of coming to the end. Landon was recently enlisted to develop a reboot of arachnophobia,

“Guess who I had lunch with yesterday? Mr. Christopher Landon. And guess what we discussed? happy death day 3Blum shared screen rent Regarding the sequel. “We discussed it. I’m not saying we’re doing it, but we discussed it. It was very high on our minds. I’m not saying we’re doing it, but I Not saying we haven’t.”

in the years after Happy Death Day 2U Hit theaters, Blum is candid about the state of the series and how the disappointing box-office reception has made that third film more difficult to realize. Luckily, that candid attitude also means that, when he delivers a promising update, fans can trust these kinds of comments more.

The franchise sees Tree (Jessica Rothe) murdered on her birthday, only to wake up and relive the day’s events, using each of her resurrections to try to figure out who was responsible for her murder. . Similar situation arises Happy Death Day 2UIncluding revealing that a quantum reactor is responsible for the crack in reality.

One of the last updates Landon offered himself was back in 2020.

“It’s definitely on edge at the moment,” shared Landon EmpireThe planned title of the upcoming legend will be confirmed after happy death day to us, “I wish it didn’t happen, and I know that [producer Jason Blum] passionate about it, i know i’m very passionate about it, and i know that [star┬áJessica Rothe] Really looking forward to doing it too.”

He continued, “I wrote the idea for the third film a while back. I think we are all excited about it, because it is different from the other two films, and so we are really keeping our fingers crossed and hopeful.” Our fanbase continues to grow – which is something I’ve enjoyed watching over the years, with more and more people discovering both movies. So who knows. There might be a time when it’s Makes sense, and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”

Stay tuned for possible future details for happy death day Voting.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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