‘Gunjan Saxena: The Cargill Girl’ Reviews and Story Overview

The film ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’ tells the story of a brave woman who was the only female pilot in the Indian Air Force in the Kargil war. However, at present, this number is more than 1600.

The film shows how history resonates against society and a system that has limited ideas for marriage and kitchen responsibilities. Karan Johar has given the responsibility of the story of this film to the new director Sharan Sharma and Janhvi Kapoor who has done only one film. The film also stars veteran stars including Pankaj Tripathi, Vineet Kumar Singh, Manav Vij, and Ayesha Reza Mishra.

Pankaj Tripathi has played the role of Gunjan Saxena’s father in the film. Pankaj Tripathi has brought to life the role of a quiet-natured and high-minded father. He had earlier shocked people by playing the role of Kriti Senan’s father in ‘Bareli Ki Barfi’. He also became a cool daddy in this film. His role is to learn how to become an ideal father. The daughter-father relationship is not taken seriously in the film. The film could have been better if it had been better presented.

Flight Commandant Dilip Singh’s masculine ideas are well illustrated by Vineet Kumar Singh. Manav Vij, who became a commanding officer, is fully seen in his character. He has done a good job of keeping a firm grip on the face. However, Janhvi Kapoor, who is playing the lead role in the film, and his brother Angad Bedi have not been able to play their roles well. The reason may be the writing of the film.

Sadness in Janhvi’s eyes
Director Sharan Sharma has disappointed the audience in many places by underplaying the characters. The character of an energetic and ambitious woman like Gunjan Saxena is not emerging well in the film. Janhvi has definitely tried to make the characters of Gunjan colorful, but Janhvi could not translate it on the screen. Throughout the film, there is sadness in his eyes instead of a gleam. Even Angad Bedi, who became Gunjan’s army officer brother in the film, did not reflect the aura of a real character.

Last week, people saw Vidya Balan in a great performance in ‘Shakuntala Devi’. So it is only natural that there should be a comparison between these two biopics. It will still take time for Janhvi to maintain a character like Vidya Balan.

The dialogue in the film is also mediocre
The dialogue in the film is also mediocre. Dialogues like ‘Aansu bahane se achha pasina baha le te’ and ‘Jo mahenat ka saath nahi chodte, kismat unka saath nahi chodte’ are basic. So even the dialogues of the film are not giving so much effect. The song sung by Rekha Bhardwaj can be called the core of the film. Amit Trivedi has not given such a good performance in music.

In the film, the team’s focus is on the training technique of the Air Force pilot. The part with SSB selection is also good. Cargill has been recreated in Georgia. It has good aerial shorts. Manush Nand, who has done camera work in films like ‘Ghajini‘ and ‘Rabne Bana Di Jodi‘, has done good camera work in this film. Gives a good engagement for 30 minutes from the start of the film. The father-daughter relationship is also well captured on camera. Even after all the aspects, there is something missing in the film.

Gunjan Saxena: The Carlig Girl
Cast: Janhvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Vineet Kumar Singh, Manav Vij
Time – 1 hour 51 minutes, Star – 3/5, where to watch – OTT platform on Netflix

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